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B.Ed Lesson Plan

In this post, I am gonna show you How to make B.Ed, D.EL.ED, BTC, BSTC, M.Ed and DED, Integrated B.Ed Course lesson Plans of various teaching subjects like Hindi, English, Punjabi, Sanskrit, History, Geography, Economics, Social Studies, Social Science, Commerce, Mathematics, Science, Physics, Home Science, Fine Arts, Music, Physical Education, Agriculture, Computer education, Political Science, Public Administration, Sociology, Civics, Chemistry, Biology, Business Studies, Accounts and Computer Science in English and Hindi Medium and Language for B.Ed 1st and 2nd year/Semester.

b.ed 1st year lesson plan, b.ed 2nd year lesson plan, B.Ed lesson plan for 1st and 2nd year and Semester in english and hindi download pdf free for science, physical science, engilsh , hindi, mathematics, sanskrit, social science, economics, commerce, home science,computer

The link to Open these B.Ed lesson plan is given below in which the Format of All BEd lesson plans and various micro teaching skills like questioning, introduction, probing questions, stimulus variation, illustration with examples, reinforcement, simulated teaching skills, discussion lessons, and real teaching mega lesson plans and observation lesson plan is given. Just click on the Links Given Below and Open these B. Ed Lesson Plans.

List of All B.Ed Lesson Plan For All Teaching Subjects

S.No.Teaching SubjectLanguage/Medium
3Social StudiesHindi
4Social ScienceEnglish
7Computer ScienceEnglish
14Business StudiesEnglish
15Business StudyHindi
17Physical ScienceEnglish
18Biological ScienceEnglish
19Home ScienceEnglish
20Home ScienceHindi
21SanskritSanskrit / Hindi
24Political ScienceEnglish
27Political ScienceHindi
29Public AdministrationEnglish
31Fine Arts
33Physical Education

Teaching Subjects for B.Ed Lesson Plan

BEd Second Year Student Teachers have to make their lesson plan assignment and notebook lesson plan diary on 2 teaching Subjects which they have chosen during admission. Some of the teaching Subjects of B.Ed are

List of All B.Ed Teaching Subjects

Sr.No. B.Ed Teaching Subject
1Pedagogy of English
2Pedagogy of Social Science
3Pedagogy of Science
4Pedagogy of Maths
5Pedagogy of Computer Science
6Pedagogy of Economics
7Pedagogy of Commerce
8Pedagogy of Physical Science
9Pedagogy of Biological Science
10Pedagogy of Home Science
11Pedagogy of Sanskrit
12Pedagogy of Hindi
13Pedagogy of History
14Pedagogy of Geography
15Pedagogy of Political Science
16Pedagogy of Sociology
17Pedagogy of Public Administration
18Pedagogy of Punjabi
19Pedagogy of Fine Arts
20Pedagogy of Music
21Pedagogy of Physical Education
22Pedagogy of Agriculture
23Teaching of Tamil
24Teaching of Other Languages (State Based)

About B.Ed and BEd Lesson Planning

BEd is a teacher training program of two years basically, but in many universities, the time period may be less or more to complete B.Ed. In B. Ed training, students and teachers have to make various lesson plans according to their teaching subjects which they would teach after completion of B.Ed training.

Lesson plans in B.Ed play a significant role in making effective teaching. So B Ed students have to make lesson plan files and assignments of their teaching subjects in which they write their teaching strategies. According to their level and which class they would teach, they prepare their BEd lesson plans for elementary, secondary, senior secondary and higher classes from class 1st to 5, 6, 7,8, 9,10,11 and 12th according to the syllabus prescribed by NCERT, CBSE, NIOS, and state boards.

In this post, you will be able to know the exact format of B.Ed lesson plans for First and Second Year. Not only for effective teaching but also there is a practical exam conducted by B.Ed universities in which pupil-teacher makes Lesson plans of their teaching subjects. Marking schemes may vary from university to university. During Practical exams of B-Ed, Students have to show their Lesson plan file of internship to the examiner.

Some of the major teaching Subjects of B.Ed are Hindi, English, Science, Physical Science, Biological Science, Social Science, Social Studies, Home Science, Sanskrit, Mathematics, Computer Science, Punjabi, URDU, Commerce, Economics, History, Geography, Fine arts, Music, Agriculture, Political Science, Public administration and sociology which may vary from university to university.

These Lesson Plans are for All the B.Ed Colleges, Universities, and for All Regular as well as for distance. These Lesson Plans are specially designed according to the MDU, CRSU, KUK, CDLU, and CSS but will provide a lot of help to all the students pursuing B.Ed from Any College or University.

Not Only B.Ed Students But also These lesson Plans will provide a lot of help to the DELED, BTC, BSTC, M.Ed, DED, NIOS Students, and New School Teachers.

Here you can easily download the B.Ed lesson plan PDF File of Hindi, English, Punjabi, Sanskrit, history, geography, economics, social studies Hindi, Social Science English, commerce, mathematics, biological science, physical science, home science, fine arts, music, physical education, agriculture, computer education, political science, public administration, sociology, and computer science in both Hindi and English medium for B.Ed 1st and second or final year and Semester.

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Commerce micro lesson plans of various teaching skills has been uploaded .. please check Commerce Micro Lesson Plans
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hi dear.. All Micro and Macro teaching Lesson Plans for biology are available on the site.. here is the link - Life Science Lesson Plans Micro
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Hi dear... Sanskrit lesson plans will be available soon.
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Hi saffu,, mathematics and Science Lesson Plan in Hindi will be available soon..
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Microteaching lesson plans for science and maths english medium is available
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Plz provide biological or physical science lesson plan files in hindi medium
Hi dear.. Physics and Biology Lesson Plans of Science in Hindi Medium Will be available soon...
Hi dear. Skills which are used in making a lesson plan are almost the same for all the subjects.

Some Skills are:

Skill of Reinforcement
Skill of Introducing a Lesson
Skill of Illustration with Examples
Skill of Stimulus Variation
Skill of Explanation
Skill of Questioning
Blackboard Skill

For more skills, you can go through the Lesson Plans
Hi dear.. Chart Making Skill, Illustration Skill me aata hai..jisme alag alag charts aur models ka use karke students ko padhaya jata hai.
Here is the Link of B. Ed First and Second Year Notes and PDF Books in Hindi and English Medium.. Please Check.. B.Ed Notes
Hi dear.. Here Please Check This link ..Lesson Plans of Computer Science
Here you will find all Microteaching and mega School teaching Computer Lesson Plans
Hi Praveen.. Lesson Plans of Home Science are now available in Both English and Hindi
Hi dear.. Observation Lesson Plans of All Subjects are available for every subject.. please check
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