Microteaching Lesson plan for English

Microteaching Lesson plan for English

Microteaching Lesson plan for teaching English grammar

This is the format and sample microteaching English grammar lesson plan on Noun for English and ESL teachers and those students who are pursuing various teacher training programs like B.Ed (BEd), D.Ed (DELED) and BTC. Here you will be able to know how to make microteaching and skill of introducing English grammar topics to the students of the elementary and middle school. This is only one microteaching English lesson plan but with the help of this, you can make and create various English lesson plans for microteaching on various other skills. Let’s start the microteaching skill now.

Micro Teaching Introduction Skill English Lesson Plan

Note: The English Lesson Plan given below is just an example. You can change the Name, Class, Course, Date, Duration, etc. according to your needs.

Brief Overview of the Lesson Plan:
  • Class: 4, 5, 6 and 7 and 8
  • Subject: English Grammar
  • Duration of the period: 6 to 8 minutes
  • Topic: Noun
  • Date: …………

Format of Micro Teaching English Lesson Plan on Introduction Skills on Noun

Teacher Activity (here the activity of teacher during the period is given)
Student Activity
1. What is your name?

Skill used -
(Maximum utilization of previous knowledge.)
2. Which country do you live in?

Skill used –
(Maximum utilization of previous knowledge.)
( Maintenance of Continuity)
3. Which is the capital of India?

Skill used –
(Maintenance of continuity)
(Relevancy of verbal and non-verbal behavior)
4. Which famous river flows in Delhi?
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Skill used –
(Maximum utilization of previous knowledge )
(maintenance of continuity)
5. Which historical building is on the bank of Yamuna?
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Skill used -
(relevancy of verbal and non-verbal behavior?
Taj Mahal
6. What these names specify?

Skill used –
(Maintenance of continuity using appropriate devices)
No response
Teacher Statement –

All the names are a noun. The name of a person, place, thing is called a noun.

Steps of Making Micro Lesson Plan of English Grammar on Noun Topic:

Steps / main teaching points to understand better –

  1. First of all the teacher or pupil-teacher will ask students their name to utilize their previous knowledge
  2. Then he/she should ask the students in which country do they live and students will reply.
  3. To maintain continuity in teaching. the teacher uses verbal and non-verbal skills and asks students “What is the capital of India”.
  4. Then again he/she maintain the continuity and asks about famous rivers which flow in Delhi Which is the Capital of India.
  5. By using verbal and non-verbal skill teacher ask historical building which is situated at the bank of Yamuna?
  6. When students unable to give an answer. Then the teacher announces the topic.

Given below are the images of micro-teaching English lesson plan for B-Ed, DELED and BTC through which you will easily understand How to prepare English lesson plan for microteaching and What should be the format of English Lesson Plan

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Further Reference:
https://www.learningclassesonline.com/ English Lesson Plan for B.Ed

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