[BEST] B.Ed Books, Notes & Study Material Download PDF Free 2021

[BEST] B.Ed Books, Notes & Study Material Download PDF Free 2021

B.Ed Books | B.Ed Notes | B.Ed Study Material

B.Ed 1st year and 2nd year and all Semesters Books, Exam Notes and Study Material Free Download PDF in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Other Medium Languages

Are you Searching for Free PDF Notes and Books B.Ed?

Then this is the right place. Here you can download and get full pdf notes for BEd first and second year and all Semesters i.e 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th, and for CTET, HTET, and Other TET Exams and Entrance Test Exams.

The list of All the PDF notes, books, and study material in Hindi and English and in other languages also is given below. Just click on the link and download it easily.

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बी एड बुक और नोट्स की पीडीऍफ़ डाउनलोड करे हिंदी में

B.Ed Books in Hindi | B.Ed Notes and Study Material in Hindi | बी.एड बुक्स | बीएड नोट्स | बीएड स्टडी मटेरियल

B.Ed First Year Books and Notes in Hindi Download PDF

TNTEU B.Ed Books, Notes, Study Material, and Previous Year papers Download PDF

Now let's have a look at the TNETU (TamilNadu Teachers Education University) Free BEd Book and last year sample and model papers in Tamil and English Medium which you can easily download. The Link to download is given below.

TNTEU Question Papers

BEd 2nd Year Books and Study Material in Tamil PDF Download Free

B.Ed Reference Books

Still, don't find the B.Ed Book according to your university syllabus and curriculum. Then here we have provided some other books and notes of some universities and also we have provided some links to the best B. Ed Books Publications and names Which you can check.

These Notes will be very helpful for you to crack your BEd Exam. If your target is just to crack the bed exam then you can read only the exam notes and question bank series of some famous publications like Laxmi Thakur, Student, Balaji, Gullybaba, Rita Publication, BHU, Aheli Publication, Surya Question Bank, Sucess Publication, Ajay Mala, Shivansh Publication, Arihant B.Ed Entrance Book.

But if you want to study deep then you should study the B.Ed Books of Some famous writers like JS Walia, SK Mangla and for the B.Ed entrance exam preparation, you can go with Arihant publication books.

For Bestseller and Latest B.Ed Books and Notes on Cheap Price Click Here

If you have not found Book and notes for B Ed, that you are looking for, then simply Click Here. Here you will get all the B.Ed Books of All the famous writers and authors on Very Cheap Price in all the languages and for all Semester Students.

B.Ed 1st and 2nd Year/Semester Reference Books with their Authors Names

Here is the list Given Below for some Reference B.Ed Books with their Author's details for First and Second Year Students of BEd.But before you buy these books, you should check your syllabus first or you can check more details about these B.Ed Reference Books online.

Sr.No.Writer / AuthorSubject Name


Aries, P. (1965)

Centuries of Childhood-A social history of the family life


Deshpande, S. (2004)

Contemporary India: A Sociological View


Walia, J.S. (2011)

Philosophical, Sociological, and Economic Bases of Education


Dececco, J.P., and Cramford, Q.R. (1970)



Challenges of Education- A policy perspective, (1985)

Ministry of Education


Aggarwal, J. C. (2004)

Educational Vocational Guidance and Counseling


Bernard, H.W. (1951)

Towards Personality Adjustment


Besant, A. (2005)

An Introduction to Yoga


Aggarwal, J.C., and Aggarwal, S.P. (1987)

Vocational Education


Bonrs, J. A. (2001)

Cultural diversity and Education. Foundations curriculum and teaching (4th Ed)


Agnihotri, R.K.(1995)

Multilingualism as a classroom resource


Adrian, A., and John, E. (1998)

Educating children with special needs


Anastasi, A. (1976)

Psychological Testing


Agarwal, V. & Bhatnager, R. P. (1997)

Educational Administration


Kaul, H.K. (2013)

Yoga Asana for Everyone


Chawla, S.S. (1986)

Teaching of Art.


NCERT (2005)

National Curriculum Framework (NCF)


Head, G. W. (1988)



Gupta, S.K. (1985)

Teaching of Physical Science in Secondary Schools


Elliott (2012)

Fundamental of Music


Singh, L.C. (1977)

Micro-Teaching: An Innovation in Teacher Education


Arora, P. N. (1985)

Evaluation in Economics


Aggarwal, D. D. (2008)

Modern Method of Teaching Biology


Hindi Garanth Academy, Yadav, S. (2001)

Teaching of Home Science


Mangal, S.K. (2007)

Teaching of Mathematics


Singh, G.B. (1981)

Gurumukhi Lipi Da Janam Te Vikas


Husain, S. (1993)

Urdu Aur Uske Tadreesi Tariqe


Bhatia, K.K. and Kaur, N. (2011)

Teaching and Learning English as a Foreign Language

B.Ed Subject Names

If you don't know the book and subject names of B.Ed first and second year / Sem. then here we have provided some books and subjects name of B.Ed course. Subjects may vary from university to university.

B.Ed 1st Year Subject Names

S.No.B.Ed 1st Year Subject Name


Childhood and Growing up


Contemporary India and Education


Teaching and Learning


Pedagogy of Computer Science


Pedagogy of Biological Science


Pedagogy of Economics


Pedagogy of English


Pedagogy of Geography


Pedagogy of History


Pedagogy of Maths


Pedagogy of Physical Science


Pedagogy of Social Science


Pedagogy of Hindi


Pedagogy of Sanskrit


Pedagogy of Urdu


Pedagogy of Punjabi


Pedagogy of Home Science


Pedagogy of Music


Pedagogy of Physical Science


Pedagogy of Commerce


Pedagogy of Arts


Pedagogy of Other Language Subjects

BEd 2nd Year Subject Name

S.No.B.Ed 2nd Year Subjects Name


Creative Inclusive Education


Assessment for Learning


Knowledge and Curriculum


Value and Peace Education


yoga health and physical Education


Environmental Education


Language Across the Curriculum


Understanding Disciplines and Subjects


Gender School and Society


Work Education


Guidance and Counselling

About B.Ed Exam Books and Notes

The BEd exams are either yearly or semester wise. It is hard to get Full PDF and Short Exam Notes and books in one place for BEd in Both Hindi and English. Here are the complete notes of all B.Ed subjects which you can easily download and get distinction marks in B.Ed Exams.

Not only B.Ed exams But those who are Preparing for CTET, HTET, and Other TET exams these notes and study material will give a lot of help to them crack their exams. These are the best notes and books for CTET and HTET Exams.

These Notes and Study material of the B.Ed course is specially designed as per the latest NCTE Syllabus. Student teachers can easily download the PDF of BEd notes and Books of all the subjects. All the topics and reference books are also mentioned in all the pdf Notes for B.Ed Students.

B. Ed is a two or four years integrated program. Here you can download the PDF notes and books for BEd 1st year subjects like contemporary India and Education, Childhood and growing up, teaching and learning, practical subjects include ICT, Reading and reflecting on texts, understanding the Self. Teaching subjects are also called pedagogy subjects. These are the teaching subjects for student teachers.

Pedagogy subjects include English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Commerce, Economics, Sanskrit, Home Science, biological science, physical science, computer science, etc. In the B.Ed Second Year, the subjects are Assessment for Learning, Understanding disciplines and subjects, Inclusive education, Health physical and yoga education, language across the curriculum, knowledge, and curriculum, gender school, and society, peace education, work education, etc. The subject pattern may change according to the universities. In the semester system, these subjects are divided into all the semesters.

Student teachers of the B.Ed course are very anxious How to get better results. Here are the complete and easy Notes and Books of all the B.Ed subjects and CTET, HTET, and TET. Just download the B.Ed study material and notes to start your learning.

Any B.Ed Student Can download these short and easy exam notes and Books. And also share This Post with All the BEd persuing students and Help Them.

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बी एड की बुक्स

बी एड १स्ट ईयर बुक्स नाम इन हिंदी

b.ed 1st year books name

नॉलेज एंड करिकुलम बीएड नोट्स इन हिंदी

बीएड नोट्स पीडीऍफ़

बीएड सिलेबस इन हिंदी PDF

लर्निंग एंड टीचिंग बी एड नोट्स in Hindi

बीएड स्टडी मटेरियल इन हिंदी

b.ed 1st year study material

bes-121 ignou study material in hindi

Art Lesson Plan In Hindi
Bed Books And Study Material Pdf
Bed Books In English Pdf
Bed Books In Hindi Pdf
Bed Books Pdf
B Ed Files
Bed Files Notes
Bed Files Old
Bed Files Pics
Bed Files Re
B Ed Lesson Plan
Bed Notes
B Ed Notes For Exam
Bed Notes In Hindi
B Ed Punjabi
B Ed Question Papers
B Ed Question Papers Crsu
B Ed Question Papers Crsu 2019
B Ed Question Papers Kuk
B Ed Question Papers Kuk 2019
B Ed Question Papers Mdu
B Ed Series 1
B Ed Series 11
B Ed Series 2
B Ed Series 3
B Ed Series 4
B Ed Series 5
B Ed Series 6
B Ed Series 7
Bed Syllabus
Biological Science Lesson Plan
Commerce Lesson Plan
Commerce Lesson Plan In Hindi
Computer Lesson Plan
Computer Notes
Computer Science Lesson Plan
Contemporary India And Education
Creating An Inclusive School
Economics Lesson Plan
Economics Lesson Plan In Hindi
English Lesson Plan
Essay In English
Essay In Hindi
Essay Writing
Full Form
Hindi Lesson Plan
Home Science Lesson Plan
Home Science Lesson Plan In Hindi
Ict Notes
Lesson Plan Format
Lesson Planning Notes
Lesson Plans
Mathematics Lesson Plan
Mathematics Lesson Plan In Hindi
Mdu Question Papers
Mdu Question Papers Ba Pass Course
Mdu Question Papers Bsc Pass Course
Mdu Question Papers Dde
Mdu Question Papers Dde Ba
Mdu Question Papers Dde Bcom
Mdu Question Papers Dde Ma Public Administration
Mdu Question Papers Llb
Mdu Question Papers Ma Geography
Micro Teaching
Sanskrit Lesson Plan
Science Lesson Plan
Social Science Lesson Plan
Social Science Lesson Plan In Hindi
Tally Notes
Educational Objectives: Meaning, Definition,Need And Objectives
Objective-Based Teaching
Different Definitions Of Science
What Is Science?
Relationship Between The Process And Product In Science
Nature Of Science [In Technical Terms]
7 Characteristics Of Science
Scope Of Science In Points
Interdisciplinary Approach In Science [Relation With Other Subjects]
Advantages Of Inter-Disciplinary Approach In Science
General Aims Of Teaching Science 
Aims And Objectives Of Teaching Science At Primary Stage Of Education
Aims And Objectives Of Teaching Science At Junior High School Of Education
Aims And Objectives Of Teaching Science At Higher Secondary Stage Of Education
Need And Importance Of Teaching Science
What Are The Goals And Objectives Of Teaching Science?
What Is The Meaning And Definition of Physical Science?
Nature Of Physical Science
Scope Of Physical Science In Brief
Aims Of Teaching Physical Science In Schools
Objectives Of Teaching Physical Science In Schools
Physics As A Science
Chemistry As A Science
Nature Of Science
What Is Biological science?
What Is Mathematics? [In Simple Words]
What Is The Definition Of Mathematics?
Characteristics And Features Of Mathematics
Aims Of Teaching Mathematics
What Is The Main Focus Of Mathematics Education? | Objectives Of Teaching Mathematics
9 Reasons Why Teaching Math Is Important? | Importance of Mathematics Teaching
Brief History Of Mathematics | Evolution, And Development Of Mathematics Over The Years
Relation Of Mathematics With Other Subjects
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