[BEST] Science Lesson Plans 2021

[BEST] Science Lesson Plans 2021

Science Lesson Plan

Science Lesson Plan for School Teachers, B.Ed, DELED, BTC, BSTC, NIOS, CBSE, NCERT, M.Ed, and For All Teacher Training Courses.

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If you are looking for Science Lesson Plansfor Physics, Chemistry, and Biology then you are in the right place. Here you will find many Lesson Plans of Science Subject on Various teaching Skills like Microteaching, Mega teaching, Discussion, Real School Teaching and Practice, and Observation Skill Lesson Plan. With the Help of these Lesson Plansyou will be able to make your own Science Lesson Plan very easily. All the Links of the Science Lesson Plan are given below.

Note: You will find more than one lesson plan for some topics below. You should check all the Science lesson plansbefore making your own lesson plan. And remember that these are the Sample Lesson Plans. You can use them according to your need and requirements by making slight changes in name, class, course, date, duration, etc.

List of All Science Lesson Plans

S.No. Topic Lesson Plan Type
1 Chemical Bonding Microteaching

(Skill of Introducing Lesson)
2 Bonding of Chemicals Micro

(Stimulus Variation Skill)
3 Heat Transmission Microteaching

(Explanation Skill)
4 Energy Microteaching

(Illustration Skill)
5 Force Micro teaching

(Skill Of Probing Questions)
6 Hydrocarbons Macro/Mega/ Real Teaching
7 Acid And Base Macro/Mega/ Real Teaching
8 Motion And Force Macro/Mega/ Real Teaching
9 Chemical And Covalent Bond Macro/Mega/ Real Teaching
10 Water And Its Molecular Structure Macro/Mega/ Real Teaching
11 Force Macro/Mega/ Real Teaching
12 Coal Macro/Mega/ Real Teaching
13 Unit Of Force Macro/Mega/ Real Teaching
14 Frictional Force Macro/Mega/ Real Teaching
15 Metal Macro/Mega/ Real Teaching
16 Light Macro/Mega/ Real Teaching
17 Solar System Macro/Mega/ Real Teaching
18 Earthquake Macro/Mega/ Real Teaching
19 Moon Macro/Mega/ Real Teaching
20 Water Pollution Macro/Mega/ Real Teaching
21 Prevention Of Pollution Macro/Mega/ Real Teaching
22 Fuel Macro/Mega/ Real Teaching
23 Water Cycle Macro/Mega/ Real Teaching
24 Force ( Physics) Macro/Mega/ Real Teaching
25 Sound and Vibration ( Physics ) Microteaching Skill of Introducing Lesson

List of All Biological Science Lesson Plans

S.No. Topic Lesson Plan Type
1 Parts of Flowers, Pollination, and Fertilization Microteaching Skill of Introduction
2 Living and Non-living Organisms Micro teaching Skill of Explanation
3 Organic Evolution Skill of Questioning in Microteaching
4 Movement of Plants Microteaching Skill of Stimulus Variation
5 Photosynthesis Micro Skill of Illustration With Examples
6 Plant Movement Macro/Mega/ Real Teaching
7 Natural Resources Macro/Mega/ Real Teaching
8 Food Chain Macro/Mega/ Real Teaching
9 Pollination and Cross-Pollination Macro/Mega/ Real Teaching
10 Organic Evolution Macro/Mega/ Real Teaching


Hello Friends,

If you are searching for Best Collection of Chemistry, Physical and Biological Science Lesson Plan in English for B.Ed, M.Ed, DELED, DED, BTC, NIOS, NCERT, CBSE, and middle, high school, secondary, the senior secondary, elementary school then you are in the right place. Here you will get all the Science Lesson Plan for all the Grade and Classes i.e. 1st to 12th.

Here you will get all the microteaching, mega teaching, real teaching, discussion, and observation lesson plan of Science free for teachers and BEd students of Year and Semester First and Second. Some Science lesson plans will be semi-detailed and some are detailed lesson plans for Science you will find here. The list of Science Lesson Plans on different topics is given above. These sample Science lesson plans will provide a lot of help to Science teachers and also you can download the pdf very easily.

Here you will find lots of Topics for teaching Science in schools. Also, you will find the lesson plan for Chemistry, Biological Science, Physical Science on Various Topics Like Metal, Acid and base, Force, Coal, Molecular Structure, Hydrocarbons, Motion and force, chemical bonding, Light, Solar System, Moon, Water Pollution, Water Cycle, Sound, Vibration, Fuel, Parts of Floer, Living and Non-living Organisms, Movement of Plants, Photosynthesis, Natural Resources, Food Chain, Pollination and Cross-Pollination, Organic Evolution, etc

All the students of B.Ed and other teacher training courses and also newly appointed teachers of any Class or Grade will be able to know how to make Science Lesson Plan and How to teach students of Science very easily with the help of these Lesson Plans.

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