B.Ed Practical File Pics and Charts Collection

Finding pics and images for B.Ed Practical Files of year 1 and 2 is very difficult. Here you can find all the Pictures, Charts and Images which are useful in Making B.Ed Practical Files. If you are looking for some pics for B.Ed practical files, projects and assignments like reading and reflecting on texts, ICT in Education, Drama and arts in Education, School-based activities, and Understanding the Self, etc. This is the right place. Here you can find the Best Collection of Pics for B.Ed Files and Assignments Which will be very helpful for both Hindi and English Medium Students.

More than 500 pics Collection 

The Links for Images is Given below.

By simply clicking on the links given above, you can see all the images of different practical subjects. The Link to download all these Images is Given at the end of each post. The photos and pictures and in Zip Format which you can easily extract. 

If you want some more images then please Give your views in the comment box.

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Plz send b.ed sec year lesson plan
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