Teaching Skills

Teaching Skills

Teaching Skills

An Introduction to Teaching skills

During classroom teaching, a teacher should have fine teaching skills. Teaching skills are mainly techniques that are used by a teacher in the classroom so that he/she can command over the class. These are basically planned previously by the teacher before going for teaching.

Skill can be mastered by practicing and understanding the class whatever it is. As we know that teaching is a purposeful process in which teachers and students are very active or say they are living while the important element "curriculum" is passive or say non-living. The curriculum leads to an interaction between student and teacher.

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In the teaching process student, teacher and curriculum are important elements; they are enough for the significant teaching-learning process.

Definition of Teaching

According to Burton- "Teaching to the stimulation, guidance, and direction and encouragement of learning"

Meaning of Teaching Skills

Teaching skill is the process in which a teacher plans everything orally, written, and by the use of blackboard. The way he/she teaches actually depends upon the teaching skill whatever is being used.

The teacher 

  • asks the question in the classroom, 
  • gives examples, 
  • gives demonstrations, 
  • do experiments, 
  • explains tough topics, 
  • stimulates students, 
  • gives questions to students, 
  • symbolize things, use gesture and posture with proper attitudes, 
  • gives reinforcement to students according to their responses, 
  • plays roles sometimes, 
  • sometimes he/she takes proper silence in the class which has great significance as well.

All these activities are performed by a teacher in the classroom in a systematic and planned way. So the inclusion of all these activities in the set which actually improves the teaching is called Teaching skill.

Characteristics of Teaching Skills

  1. It can be developed individually.
  2. It is related to the unit plans of teaching behaviorism.
  3. It makes teaching meaningful and effective.
  4. It is helpful in obtaining teaching objectives (specific objectives).
  5. Makes the class active and changes the behaviors of students.
  6. It is very simple way to present the topic in the class, and the rate of learning is enhanced.
  7. It is related to the teaching processes and behaviors.

Definition of Teaching Skills

"According to B.K.Passi:  "Teaching Skill is a set of activities or behaviors in order to facilitate the learning and learning outcomes".

"According to M.K.Passi: "Teaching skills are specific instructions that are used by a teacher. It is in teaching related to different activities which are continuously used by the teacher in classroom interactions".

What are the teaching skills that a teacher should have during classroom teaching?

List of Teaching Skills

There are 14 Teaching Skill given by Stan Ford University which are as follows

  1. Set Induction
  2. Fluency in Questioning
  3. Stimulate Variations
  4. Silence and Non-verbal Questions
  5. Reinforcement Pupil participation
  6. Probing Questions
  7. Higher-Order Questions
  8. Divergent Questions
  9. Illustrations and Use of Explanations
  10. Lecturing
  11. Planned Repetition
  12. Completeness of Communicate
  13. Recognizing Behaviour
  14. Closure

B.k.Passi in 1975 listed 13 Teaching Skills which are as following

  1. Writing Instructional objectives
  2. Introduction of Lesson Plan
  3. Fluency of Questions
  4. Probing Questions
  5. Explaining
  6. Illustrating
  7. Stimulus-variation
  8. Silence and Non-verbal Cues
  9. Reinforcement
  10. Increasing students Participation
  11. Use of Black-board
  12. Achieving Closure
  13. Attending Behaviour of students

The above teaching skills are very important for a teacher while going to teach. The best part about these skills is they are all pre-planned and arranged well so that the classroom teaching becomes meaningful.

These are techniques that help a teacher to activate students in the classroom. They are important in creating a classroom environment; the use of them makes a joyful class and effective teaching.

Importance of Teaching skill

While talking about teaching skills, it is necessary to discuss its importance.

  1. Teaching skills are the main factors of a teacher, it defines the teacher's activity in class.
  2. They make an understanding of what to teach and how to teach.
  3. These skills are helpful in creating an effective environment so that students can grab knowledge.
  4. Without teaching skills, the teaching will be monotonous and students will not take part in the teaching-learning process, if they don't feel good during class then it’s meaningless to teach them.
  5. nowadays activity-based teaching is being done because students are everything in the classroom; everything is for students so they must be active at the time of teaching.

Most of the time students don't focus in class, in such a case teachers must involve him in all activities and make them participate.

The response of students plays a very crucial role in classroom teaching; by the help of student's responses, a teacher decides the outcomes of the teaching.

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