MDU/CRSU/KUK B.Ed Question Papers free download PDF

MDU/CRSU/KUK B.Ed Question Papers free download PDF

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Here you can download all the Bed Question Papers of the last 5 years (2015-2016-2017-2018-2019)  for CRSU(Chaudhary Ranbir Singh University, Jind), MDU ( Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak Haryana) and KUK ( Kurukshetra University). These are the Previous and Old B.Ed question papers of all Haryana universities. 

These model tests and sample B.Ed question papers of CRSU university will provide a lot of help to all the B.Ed students of the first and second year and these B.Ed CRSU and MDU papers are both in Hindi and English medium. 

You can easily download the pdf files of B.Ed question paper of  Childhood and Growing Up, Contemporary India and Education,  Learning and Teaching,  Creative and Inclusive School, Gender School and society, Knowledge and Curriculum, Language Across the curriculum,  understanding discipline and subjects, Health physical and yoga education, guidance and counseling,  Assessment for Learning, Pedagogy of Home Science, Pedagogy of Hindi, Pedagogy of Economics, Pedagogy of Computer Science, Pedagogy of Commerce, Pedagogy of Biological science, Pedagogy of English, Pedagogy of Physical Science,  Pedagogy of Social Science and many more Bed CRSU papers easily

Given below is the list of all the CRSU / MDU/ CDLU and KUK  new and old practice test b.Ed question Papers of 1st and 2nd (final) year.
B.Ed CRSU And MDU 2018 Papers For 1st And 2nd Year 

·       Learning And Teaching
·       Childhood And Growing Up
·       Pedagogy Of Hindi
·       Pedagogy Of English
·       Pedagogy Of Mathematics 
·       Assessment For Learning
·       Guidance And Counselling
·       Knowledge And Curriculum
·       Gender School And Society
·       Creating An Inclusive School 

B-ed CRSU / MDU 2017 Papers For First And Second Year

·       Pedagogy Of Physical Science 
·       Pedagogy Of Mathematics 
·       Pedagogy Of Home Science 
·       Pedagogy Of Hindi 
·       Pedagogy Of English 
·       Pedagogy Of Commerce
·        Pedagogy Of Economics 
·       Learning And Teaching 
·       Childhood And Growing Up
·       Gender School And Society 
·       Assessment For Learning 
·       Knowledge And Curriculum

Mdu / Crsu 2016 Question Paper For Year 1 And Final

·       Childhood And Growing
·       Learning And Teaching
·       Pedagogy Of English
·       Pedagogy Of Mathematics  

Sample , Model And Practice Set Papers For 2018-2019 B.Ed Examination CRSU and MDU

·       Contemporary And India Education 2019 (paper-1)
·       Contemporary India And Education 2019 (paper-2)
·       Contemporary India And Education  (paper-3)
·       Contemporary India And Education (paper-4)
·       Contemporary India And Education   (paper-5)
·       Contemporary India And Education   (paper-6) 

·       Childhood And Growing Up 2019 (paper-1)
·       Childhood And Growing Up 2019 (paper-2)
·       Childhood And Growing Up  (paper-3)
·       Childhood And Growing  (paper-4)
·       Childhood And Growing Up  (paper-5)
·       Childhood And Growing Up  (paper-6) 

·        Learning And Teaching 2019 (paper-1)
·       Learning And Teaching  (paper-2)
·       Learning And Teaching  (paper-3)
·       Learning And Teaching kuk   (paper-4) 

·       Pedagogy Of Social Science 2019 (paper-1)
·       Pedagogy Of Social Science 2019 (paper-2)
·       Pedagogy Of Social Science   (paper - 3) 

·       Pedagogy Of English 2019 (paper-1)
·       Pedagogy  Of English 2019 (paper-2)
·       Pedagogy Of English  (paper-3)
·       Pedagogy Of English  (paper-4)
·       Pedagogy Of English kuk   (paper-5) 

·       Pedagogy Of Mathematics 2019 (paper-1)
·       Pedagogy Of Mathematics (paper-2)
·       Pedagogy Of Mathematics  (paper-3)
·       Pedagogy  Of Mathematics  (paper-4)

·       Pedagogy Of Economics  (paper-1)

·       Pedagogy Of Commerce   (paper-1) 

·       Pedagogy Of Physical Science  (paper-1)
·       Pedagogy Of Physical Science  (paper-2)
·       Pedagogy Of Physical Science  (paper-3) 

·       Pedagogy Of Hindi  (paper-1)
·       Pedagogy Of Hindi Shikshan  (paper-2)

·       Pedagogy Of Computer Science  (paper-3) 

·       Pedagogy Of Biological Science  (paper-1) 

·       Pedagogy Of Commerce  (paper-1) 

·       Understanding Disciplines And Subjects  (paper-1)
·       Understanding Disciplines And Subjects  (paper-2)
·       Understanding Discipline And Subjects  (paper-3)
·       Understanding Disciplines And Subjects  (paper-4)
·       Understanding Disciplines And Subjects  (paper-5)

·       Language Acorss The Curriculum  (paper-1)
·       Language Across The Curriculum  (paper-2)
·       Language Across Curriculum  (paper-3)
·       Language Across Curriculum  (paper-4)

·       Knowledge And Curriculum  (paper-1)
·       Knowledge And Curriculum  (paper-1)
·       Knowledge And Curriculum  (paper-2)
·       Knowledge And Curriculum  (paper-3) 

·       Gender School And Society 2019 (paper-1)
·       Gender School And Society  (paper-2)
·       Gender School And Society  (paper-3)
·       Gender School And Society  (paper-4)
·       Gender School And Society  (paper-5)

·        Creating An Inclusive School 2019 (paper-1)
·       Creating An Inclusive School  (paper-2)
·       Creating An Inclusive School  (paper-3)
·       Creating An Inclusive School  (paper-4)

·       Assessment For Learning  (paper-1)
·       Assessment For Learning  (paper-2)
·       Assessment For Learning  (paper-3)
·       Assessment For Learning  (paper-4) 

·        Health Physical And Yoga Education  (paper-1)
·       Health Physical And Yoga Education  (paper-2)
·       Health Physical And Yoga Education  (paper-3)
·       Health, Physical And Yoga Education  (paper-4) 

·       Guidance And Counselling 2019 (paper-1)

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