Assessment for Learning Question Paper 2018 | B.Ed Question Papers

Assessment for Learning Question Paper 2018 | B.Ed Question Papers

B.Ed  2nd Year (Two Year) Examination – June, 2018
Subject - Assessment for Learning (Paper-2)

Note: Attempt Five Questions in all. Q.NO .1 is Compulsory .Attempt other four questions selecting One Question from each Unit. All Questions carry Equal Marks.

Q1.         Write short note on the following :          4 X 4 = 16
(a)          Principal of Assessment   
(b)          Concept of Rating Scale    
(c)           Characteristics of Grading System     
(d)          Mean   
2.            Define the mean and functions of assessment in Education.
3.            Explain the importance of Bloom’s Taxonomy for Instructional objectives and also define the need for revision of Bloom’s taxonomy.

4.           What do you mean by observation? Define the steps of observation.
5.            Explain Formative Approach of assessment in Detail.

6.            What do you mean by Semester System? Explain its advantages and disadvantages in detail.
7.            Explain the concept of Question bank and slot eh steps for development of Questions Bank.

8.            Define the need and importance of statistics in Educational assessment.
9.            Explain the following terms :
(a)          Percentile
(b)          Percentile Rank
(c)           Cumulative frequency
(d)          Cumulative Percentage

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