learning and teaching paper

learning and teaching paper

B.Ed previous year question papers of learning and teaching – BEd First Year Question papers

 BEd Exam Question papers
B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) 1st year Examination – June, 2016
LEARNING AND TEACHING {Paper: III} - Exam Question Paper
Max. Marks:80

Note: Attempt Five Questions in all. Q.NO .1 is Compulsory .Attempt other four questions selecting One Question from each Unit. All Questions carry Equal Marks.

1.            Write short notes on the following :
(a)          Explain the memory level of teaching. (4)
(b)          What is meant by team teaching? (4)
(d)          What is constructivism? (4)
(e)          Define Grading. (4)

2.            Define teaching. How is teaching different from instruction, indoctrination and training?
3.            Explain in detail, the pre-active, inter-active and post-active phases of teaching.

4.            What is meant by teaching model ? Describe the various elements of a teaching model. Explain them with reference to concept attainment model.
5.            What is Brain storming ? Explain its uses in teaching.

6.            What do you mean by interaction analysis ? Discuss Flander’s category system along with its procedure of coding and encoding.
7.            What is meant by learning? Explain the factors affecting learning.

8.            Explain the concept, need and characteristics of evaluation.

9.            Differentiate between formative and summative evaluation. Explain their advantages and limitations.

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