Gender School and Society Question Papers 2018 | B.Ed question Papers

Gender School and Society Question Papers 2018 | B.Ed question Papers

B.Ed  2nd Year (Two Year) Examination – June, 2018
Paper: V(A) - Question Paper
Time: 1½ Hours
               Maximum Marks : 40

Note: Attempt five questions in all, selecting one question from each Unit. Question No. 1 is compulsory. All questions carry equal marks.

1.            Write short note on the following :          4 X 2 = 8
(a)          Equity and equality
(b)          Impact of school on children.

2.            Throw a light on historical background of gender issues and also discss about some landmark social reform movement which show gender biasness.      16
3.            What is gender stereotyping? What are the gender differences prevalent in the society? How does socialization practices in family help in uplift men of society?               16

4.            Throw a light on statement ‘Teacher as an agent of change’ and ‘School as house of culture’. Discuss in detail the impact of teacher and school culture on children.         16
5.            Explain in detail the interface between home, community and school.         16

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