Pedagogy of Physical Science Question Paper

Pedagogy of Physical Science Question Paper

BEd 1st year old question papers of Pedagogy of Physical Science – B.Ed First Year Question Papers

B.Ed (Bachelor of Education ) , First Year,
Pedagogy of Physical Science (Teaching of Physical Science Paper) - Question Paper
Time: 3 Hours
Marks: 80

NOTE: Attempt five questions in all, selecting one question from each of the four units. Q.No. 1 is compulsory. All questions carry equal marks.

Q. 1 Write notes on the following: 4X4=16
i.             Importance of Physical Science at Secondary School Level.
ii.            Steps of pedagogical Analysis.
iii.           Components of skill of introduction.
iv.           Type of Evaluation. 

2. Discuss the Bloom’s taxonomy of Education objectives.  16
3. Write general aims and objectives of teaching of physical science at secondary school level. 16

4. Define micro-teaching ? Discuss the skill of “stimulus variation” by taking suitable example. 16
5. what do you mean by problem solving method? Explain the steps with help of example. Describe its merits and demerits. 16

6. Write pedagogical analysis of the following topic: 16
(a) Transmission of Heat (b) Environment and Pollution 16 

7. Difference between measurement and evaluation. Explain the attributes of good test.  16
 8. Explain the procedure of construction of an objective type Achievement test.  16

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