Contemporary India and Education Paper

Contemporary India and Education Paper

BEd Previous Year old  2016 Question papers of Contemporary India and Education

B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) 1st Year (Two Year) Examination – June, 2016
Max. Marks:80

Note: Attempt Five Questions in all. Q.NO .1 is Compulsory .Attempt other four questions selecting One Question from each Unit. All Questions carry Equal Marks.

1.            Write short notes on the following :
(a)          Constitutional Acts related to Education. (4)
(b)          Recommendations of National Policy of Education (1986) (4)
(c)           Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) (4)
(d)          Education for Technological Empowerment. (4)

2.            Discuss in details Education for marginalized and socially backward sections of society in India. 16)
 3.           Write short notes on the following :
(a) Artical 15       (8)
(b)  Artical 30      (8)

4.            Do critical appraisal of the following :
(a)          Secondary Education Commission (1952-53) (8)
(b)          Indian Education Commission (1964-66)   (8) 
5.            Write a detailed note on National Curriculum Framework 2005. (16)

6.            Write a details note on Vocational of Education in India. (16)
7.            Explain the concept of Modernisation in detail. Write its advantages and disadvantages also.               (16)

8.            Write in detail about the inequalities of education in ancient and modern times. (16)
9.            Discuss in detail role of teacher in context of Universal Education. (16)

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