Pedagogy of mathematics Question Paper 2016

Pedagogy of mathematics Question Paper 2016

B.Ed Previous Year  2016 question paper of Pedagogy of mathematics – BEd First Year Question Papers

B.Ed (Bachelor of Education)  1st Year (Two Year) Examination – June,2016 - Question paper
PADAGOGY OF MATHEMATICS {Paper : 4/5} – teaching of math
Max. Marks:80

Note: Attempt Five Questions in all. Q.NO .1 is Compulsory .Attempt other four questions selecting One Question from each Unit. All Questions carry Equal Marks.

1.            Write short note on following:
(a)          Nature of Mathematics  (4)
(b)          Concept Analysis              (4)
(c)           Importance of Mathematics Laboratory   (4)
(d)          Types of in-service programme for mathematics teacher. (4)

2.            Describe in detail the history of mathematics with special emphasis on teaching of mathematics.     (16)
3.            What do you understand by Taxonomy of Instructional Objectives? Discuss Bloom’s Taxonomy of instructional objectives in context of psychomotor domain of Behaviour              (16)

4.            Briefly Explain the Following Methods of Teaching Mathematics.
 (a.) Inductive-Deductive Method               (8)
(b.) Problem Solving Method        (8)
5.            Define Curriculum. Explain the principles for designing curriculum of mathematics. (16)

6.            Describe in detail the Projective and Non-Projective Teaching Aids.              (16)
7.            Write Short Notes on the Following:
 (a) Skill of Probing Questions       (8)
(b) Skill of illustration with examples          (8)

8.            What do you understand by diagnostic testing and Remedial Teaching? Discuss the need and use of diagnostic testing and Remedial teaching.  (16)
9.            How Seminars and Workshops can be effective in Professional growth of Teachers? Discuss in Detail.   (16)

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