Childhood and Growing up Question paper 2016

Childhood and Growing up Question paper 2016

B.Ed Previous Year 2016  Question Paper of Childhood and Growing up – BEd First Year Question papers

B.Ed (bachelor of Education )1st Year (Two Year) Examination – June, 2016 - question paper
Childhood and Growing UP - (Paper-I) - b.ed question paper

Note: Attempt Five Questions in all. Q.NO .1 is Compulsory .Attempt other four questions selecting One Question from each Unit. All Questions carry Equal Marks.

1.            Write short notes on the following:
1.            Impact of Media on Adolescence.
2.            Educational Implications of Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence for Teaching –Learning.
3.            Role of a Teacher in Teaching-Learning Situations.
4.            Measures to Bring Improvement in Socially Deprived Girls.

2.            Differentiate between Growth and Development .Explain the General Principles of Growth and Development.
3.            Write a Detailed note on Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development.

4.            Discuss the Concept of Individual Differences .Enlist various Factors Influencing Individual Differnces. Explain Educational Implications of Individual Differences for Teachers in Organising Educational Activities.
5.            Differentiate between Sports and Games. Explain how Children Learn to Negotiate Differences and Resolve Conflicts During Games.

6.            What is conditioning? Differentiate between Classical Conditioning and Operant Conditioning in Detail.
7.            Write Short Notes on the Following:
(a)          Role of Learner in Various Learning Situations.
(b)          Constructivist Learning Environment.

8.            In a Developing Country like India, Poverty is the Biggest Causes of Deprivation .Justify the Statement.
9.            Write Short Notes on the Following:
(i)            Drug Addiction
(ii)           Impact of Globalisation

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