pedagogy of English question paper

pedagogy of English question paper

BEd first year old question paper of pedagogy of English  – B.Ed 1st year question papers

Pedagogy of English ( Teaching of English) - Question paper
Time: 3 Hours    Marks: 80

NOTE: Attempt five questions in all, selecting one question from each of the four units. Q.No. 1 is compulsory. All questions carry equal marks. 

Q. 1 Write notes on the following: 4X4=16
i.             Multilingual Approach to Language Teaching
ii.            Role of ICT in Language Learning
iii.           Features of English Language Pronunciation
iv.           Study Skills as a Tool for Language Learning

2. what is meant by Language? Write down the importance of English Language Learning. Enumerate the principles of linguistics for learning of language. 16
3. what are the aims and objectives of Teaching of English Language? Discuss the aims of teaching English at secondary level in Indian schools? 16

4. Define the term Prose. Discuss the objectives and methodology of Teaching Prose in English language. Write the various steps of Teaching of Prose. 16
5. Explain the term ‘Method’ and Approach’. Differentiate between method and an approach. Explain how constructive approach help in better language learning? 16

6. Discuss the importance of elementary knowledge of English sounds and pronunciation in developing listening and speaking skills of English Language? 16
7. Explain the mechanism of writing. What are the difference methods of teaching writing? Give some suggestions to help in improving the writing skill of the language learners. 16

8. what is the meaning and significance of Remedial Teaching? What are the common errors in English and how can common errors be removed through Remedial Teaching? 16
9. Discuss in detail Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation. Explain the importance of Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation in evaluating the learners in English Language. 16 

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