Lesson Plan Format

Lesson Plan Format

Lesson Plan Format For Teachers

Are you looking for the Best Lesson Plan Format for Teachers? Do you want to Know How to Make a Lesson Plan Format for Pre School, Elementary, Middle, Primary and High School and for College teaching also? Then you are in the Right Place.

There are many Formats of Lesson Plans Exits. Some Teachers Prefer One lesson Plan format, others prefer a different one for different purposes and styles.

When you become familiar with different lesson Plan formats, you can choose and create one, that best fits your teaching purpose and style.

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Before Staring Making a Lesson Plan Format, First of All, let us know and Have some ideas about Lesson Planning.

What is Lesson Plan?

Teaching is a complex activity that needs proper planning and Preparation. A Lesson plan is the blueprint of all those activities that are to be done in the classroom. Every teacher plans the content in their own styles so that they can teach systematically and effectively at the right movement.

Lesson Plan is a teaching outline of the important points of a lesson arranged in the order in which they are to be presented. It may include

  • Objectives
  • Points to be made
  • Questions to be asked
  • Reference to materials
  • Assignments

What are the Basic Elements of Lesson Plan Format?

Writing a Lesson Plan in a good format is an art. There are many elements which are to be considered before making a lesson plan format like:

  1. General Objectives of the Lesson
  2. Specific Objectives
  3. Introduction to the Lesson
  4. Teaching Aids
  5. Previous Knowledge
  6. Statement of Aims
  7. Presentation of the Lesson
  8. Explanation
  9. Black-Board Summary
  10. Review Questions
  11. Home Assignments

A Good Lesson Plan format Must contain the maximum number of elements that are provided above. These are the Basic Elements, you can add or remove any element from your lesson plan format. And also you can add some other elements also that are not provided above.

Basic Outline of Lesson Plan Format

The Basic outline of Making a Lesson Plan format may include:

  • Introduction
  • Instruction
  • Practice ( with Feedback )
  • Review or Summary
  • Evaluation / Testing

This is the Basic Outline of a Lesson Plan Format. A teacher can change this outline according to their needs and teaching styles and subjects.

Sample Lesson Plan Format

Now Let’s Have a Look at some printable and editable Lesson Plan Formats for weekly, daily, annually and quarterly unit planning for teachers and trainees.

Lesson Plan Format 1

This is the Basic and Simple Blank Lesson Plan Format and Template. You can just simply print or download this format and fill your lesson information and have a superb class !!!

Please note that this is the Sample Lesson Plan Format, which gives you the basic idea of Writing a Lesson Plan. You can make some slight changes according to your needs.

The Download Link is Given Below the Lesson Plan Format Image Which you can Easily Download.

Lesson Plan Format
Lesson Plan Reference

Course Reference

Subject / Course


Lesson Title


Lesson Duration

Lesson Objectives:

Summary of Tasks / Actions:

Materials / Equipment:


Home Tasks:

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More Lesson Plan Formats Will Be Available Soon

Concluding Remarks:

It is Very Hard to Find A Good Lesson Plan Format Online. Here we have provided the Best Collection of Simple and Easy to Use Basic, Standard, and Also Blank Lesson Plan Formats for Teachers which they can use while making their Unit Plans.

Here you will find lots of Teaching Lesson Plan formats and Templates PDF and Word Documents Free for Teachers of All Grade and Class and for Various Teacher Training Courses Like B.Ed, DELED, BTC, BSTC, CBSE, NCERT and NIOS on all All Subjects Like English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, EVS, etc. and can Write and Prepare your lesson Plan easily.

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