Learning and Teaching Syllabus

Learning and Teaching Syllabus


learning and teaching bed syllabus and curriculum for b.ed first and second year

Objectives and the Importance of Studying Learning and Teaching Subject in B.Ed course:

After completion of the course, student teachers will be able to:
1.      explain the concept and importance of teaching
2.      explain the concept of phases and levels of teaching
3.      describe different theories of teaching, models of teaching and strategies of teaching
4.      explain the concept, importance, and types of learning
5.      describe Flander’s Interaction Analysis along with concept and types of evaluation



·        Teaching: Concept,  Nature,  Importance  of  Teaching  and  Phases  of  Teaching:  Pre- active, Inter-active and Post-active
·        Teaching : Different from Instruction, Training, and Indoctrination
·        Levels of Teaching: Memory, Understanding and Reflective level
·        Theories of Teaching: Formal Theories, Descriptive Theories, Normative Theories

Models of Teaching
·        Bruner’s Concept Attainment Model
·        Mastery Learning Model
·        Inquiry Training Model
·        Glaser’s Basic Teaching Model

Strategies of Teaching
·        Simulation
·        Brain-storming
·        Lecture
·        Demonstration
·        Team-Teaching


·        Learning: Concept, Importance, Types, and Factors Affecting Learning
·        Concept of e-learning (m-learning and online learning)
·        Constructivism
·        Learning styles
·        Flander’s              Interaction          Analysis:              Concept,              Procedure, and               Significance        in Teaching-Learning
·        Use of ICT in the Teaching-Learning Process


·        Evaluation in Teaching-Learning  Process:  Concept,  Need  and  Characteristics of Evaluation
·        Evaluation Devices- Written, Oral and Observation
·        Types of Evaluation: Formative, Summative and Diagnostic
·        Grading and it's Types
·        Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation

Task & Assignment: 

·        Draft a report on Teachers’ Teaching Style by one-week Classroom observation of two teachers.
·        A Survey based report on effective Teacher behavior or classroom Instruction
·        Strategies of effective Teacher.
·        Study of a case and prepare a report on influential factors of learning.
·        Any other task/assignment given by the institution.


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