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Understanding the Self PDF

Here you can download Understanding the Self PDF Practical Notebook File and Book in English for B.Ed all Semester and Year Students. The Link to download the PDF Notes of Understanding the Self is given at the end of the post.

understanding the self and identity b.ed pdf notes and files free download

List of the Topics which are covered in the PDF of Understanding the Self are:
  • The concept of Self and Self Identity, Self-Esteem, Aspects of Development of the Inner
  • Self, Self-Development Strategies
  • Personality: Determining a Distinctive Personality, Dynamic Approaches to Personality
  • Forms of self-expression: Personal constructs, Social Constructs
  • Communication Skills, Soft skills
  • Self and Identity: Adult-Child gaps
  • Locus of control
  • Stress Management and Techniques of Relaxation
  • Social Interaction and Group Influence (Social Bonds, Group Formation, Cooperation
  • & Competition)
  • Methods of Conflict Resolutions and Group & Social Harmony
  • Yoga for Peace and Harmony, Breathing exercises, Meditation.
Understanding the Self PDF


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