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ICT Practical File in English

Critical Understanding of ICT ( Information and Communication Technology) In Education B.Ed First Year Handmade Practical File, Assignment and Project in English Medium Free download PDF
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Table of Content / Index
  • Computer
  • Classification of computer
    •  Micro Computer
    • Mini Computer
    • Main Frame Computer
    • Super Computer
  • Operation system
    •  Introduction
    •  How to start the computer
    • Booting
  • Parts of Computer
    • Desktop
    • Mouse
    • Keyboard
    • monitor
    • laser printer
    • inkjet printer
  • Windows (Taskbar, file, desktop, folder, creating files and folders, copying file, upload/download files
  • Network 
    • introduction, 
    • types of network (LAN, WAN, MAN)
  • Ms- Word
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Ms- excel
  • Multimedia
  • Internet Components
  • World Wide Web (WWW)


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