Micro Teaching Lesson Plan

Micro Teaching Lesson Plan

Microteaching Lesson Plan For Science 

  • Class / grade 6 , 7 , 8 and 9
  • Subject – Science (Physics)
  • Topic – Sound and vibration
  • Microteaching skill used – Introduction skill 

Note: The Science Lesson Plan given below is just an example. You can change the name, class, course, date, duration, etc. according to your needs.

Skill Of Introducing A Lesson In Science 

 Teacher’s activity / Pupil Teacher's Activity
Student’s Activity
(teacher will put a question to the students)

How sound is produced?
skill of questioning, skill of stimulus variation,

Microteaching skill used by the teacher -
(Using Previous Knowledge)
(students will reply)

The sound is produced by a vibrating body.
What do you understand by the term vibration?

Micro skill used -
(Using previous knowledge)
The periodic back-and-forth motion of the particles of an elastic body is called vibration.
How many types of sounds are produced by humans?

Micro teaching skill used -
(Maintenance of continuity)
Speaking Loudly, sing a song, buzz like a bee
How sound is produced by humans?

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The sound is produced by the voice box or larynx.
How we hear the sound?
We hear sound through our ears.
Name the medium through which sound can travel?
Solid, liquid and gas
What is the frequency of Oscillation?
The number of oscillations per sound is called the frequency of oscillation.
What is the unit of frequency?

Microteaching skill used -
(Using Previous Knowledge,)
Maintenance of Continuity)
Hertz (Hz)
What is the frequency range of which human beings can hear the sound?
20 Hz to 20000 Hz
What do you mean by ultrasonic sound?

Microteaching skill used -
(Proper use of device and Blackboard)
The sound of Frequency higher than 20,000 Hz is called ultrasonic sound. We cannot hear it.
Which organisms are known for producing sounds whose frequency is higher than 70,000 Hz?

Microteaching skill used -
(Using previous knowledge, 
Maintenance of Continuity)
What do you mean by infrasonic sound?
The sound of frequencies lies than 20 Hz is known as infrasonic sound.
On which factor loudness of Sound depends?
What is the amplitude of Vibration?
The maximum distance to which a vibrating body moves on either side from its mean position.
When the amplitude of vibration is large than what type of sound is produced?
Which sound is called noise?

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A sound that does not have a pleasant sensation on the ears is called noise. Eg – sound produced by vehicles or machines.
What do you mean by shrillness as the high pitch of sound?

If the frequency of vibration is higher than the sound is shrill and has a higher pitch.
Give examples?

Microteaching skill used -
(Maintenance of continuity)
A whistle has a higher frequency and produces a sound of high pitch
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Announcement of the Topic – (The teacher will announce the topic by saying)
Well Students, today we shall discuss “Sound”

Observation Rating Scale-

Use of Previous Knowledge
0, 1 , 2, 3 , 4, 5, 6
Proper use of the device
0, 1 , 2, 3 , 4, 5, 6
Relevance of verbal and non-verbal behaviors
0, 1 , 2, 3 , 4, 5, 6
Maintenance of continuity
0, 1 , 2, 3 , 4, 5, 6

The observation table is maintained to check how many micro teaching skills has been used during teaching in the classroom by the teacher or trainee teacher.


Steps for microteaching – How to introduce a Lesson?

  • First of all the teacher or pupil-teacher will ask students, How sound is produced? by using micro-teaching skills to check the previous knowledge of the students and students will give an answer.
  • After that, the teacher will ask about vibration to stimulate the minds of the students
  • Then the teacher will ask about the types of sounds that are produced by the humans and through which medium sound can travel by maintaining continuity throughout teaching.
  • Now the science teacher will ask about the frequency of oscillation and unit of frequency.
  • by using the chalkboard and other devices teacher will ask about ultrasonic sounds, infrasonic sound, and amplitude of vibration.
  • At last, the science teacher will ask students to given examples of shrill sound and then announce and introduce the lesson Sound to the students. 

This is the sample microteaching lesson plan on the introduction skill of science with the help of which teachers and pupil teachers can make microteaching lesson plans of their subjects i.e English, Hindi, Social Science, mathematics, etc. This microteaching Lesson plan is in English and can be used by new teachers and Bed, BTC, DELED students, NIOS, IGNOU, NCERT, CBSE schools for demo teaching. The format of the micro-teaching lesson plan will be the same for all with little bit modifications. The students and trainees in B.Ed, BTC, DE.L.ED course have to use a pupil-teacher or trainee teacher instead of the teacher in the whole lesson plans. This micro-teaching lesson plan is for class or grade 1st to 12th.

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