Physics Lesson Plan on Force

Physics Lesson Plan on Force

Physics Lesson Plan on Force for Science Teachers

Brief Overview of the Physics Lesson Plan
  • Grade – 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9
  • Subject – Science (Physics)
  • Topic – Force

Note: The Science Lesson Plan given below is just an example. You can change the name, class, course, date, duration, etc. according to your needs.

Physics Lesson Plan For Science Grade 8, How to Teach Physics, Force Lesson Plan, Lesson Plan on Force

General Aims  –
  1. To provide the opportunity to develop scientific skills in students.
  2. To develop the power of thinking and reasoning among them.
  3. To develop a scientific attitude and observation among the students.
  4. To develop scientific creativity in the students.

Behavioral Objectives -

  • Students will be able to learn about force.
  • They will also be acquainted with the types of force.

Teaching Aids –

  • General Teaching Aids – Chalk, Chalk Board, Duster, Pointer
  • Instructional teaching aids – Chart showing types of force

Previous knowledge assumed –

Students are expected to have knowledge about moving objects.

Previous Knowledge Testing –

In order to test the previous knowledge of the students, the teacher will ask the following questions:

Teacher/ Trainee Teacher QuestionsStudent’s answers
What will you do to move or roll a ball?

Lesson Plan of Physics In Science For High School teachers on Force, B.Ed lesson plan on frictional force in english downlaod pdf free

What do you understand by the term “Push” and “Pull”?
  • Push - exert force in order to move
  • Pull – to draw or tug at with force.
What will you apply if you want to lift a heavy box?Pull apply
What is a force?No response

The announcement of the Topic – 

Finding students unable to answer the last question, the teacher/ pupil-teacher will announce the topic by saying, Well Students “today we shall study about Force”.

Presentation –

Now the teacher will present the topic to the students by using an inductive and deductive approach.

Teaching PointTeacher activityStudent activityChalkboard work
Definition of ForceQuestion - What is force?

(teacher will put a question)

Answer – A push or pull acting on a body that tends to change its state of rest or motion is called force.

( after putting question teacher himself will answer the question)
students will listen carefully
Direction of ForceQuestion - What is the direction of force?

Lesson Plan For Science Grade 8, lesson plan for physics in english

The direction in which the body is pulled or pushed is called the direction of a force.
Force due to an interactionQuestion - How does the force come into play?

Answer – the force comes into play when there should be two interacting objects, one on which force is applied and others who applies the force.
types of force

How many types of forces are there? Name them?

9th Grade Science Lesson Plans, lesson plan on types of force
Two types

1. Contact force
2. Non-contact force or action at a distance force
1. Contact force
2. Non-contact force
Contact ForceWhat is the contact force?

Answer – for an object to be pulled or pushed there should be a contract between the two objects

Give examples of contact force.
pulling a box when a called spring is stretched
types of contact forceHow many types of contact forces are there?

Lesson Plan For Science Grade 7, contact force lesson plan

Two types

1. Muscular force
2. Frictional force
1. Muscular
2. Frictional
Muscular ForceWhat is the muscular force?

Answer – The force exerted by muscles of the human or animal body.

Give examples of muscular force.
Lifting certain objects, walking, running
Frictional forceWhat is the frictional force?

Answer – The force acting between two surfaces in contact which opposes the motion of one body over the other.

Give examples of frictional force?
Rolling ball stops after some time due to frictional force.rolling ball stops due to frictional force.
Non –contact forceWhat is a non-contact force?

Answer – The force which can act even without any actual contact between the two objects is called non-contact force.
Which can act without any actual contact
Types of non-contact forceWhat are the types of non-contact force?

Lesson Plan For Science Grade 6, non-contact force science physics lesson plan

1. Magnetic force
2. Electrostatic force
3. Gravitational force
· Magnetic
· Electrostatic
magnetic forceWhat is the magnetic force?

Answer – Force exerted by a magnet.

Give examples of the magnetic force?
A magnet attracts nails and pins made from iron
electrostatic forceWhat is the electrostatic force?

Answer – the force exerted by the electrified body

Give an example of electrostatic force?
A charged scale or comb attracting tiny pieces of paper.
gravitational forcewhat is a gravitational force?

Answer – the force of attraction between any two objects possessing mass is called gravitational force?

Lesson Plan For Science Grade 8, physics gravitational force lesson plan science

Give examples of gravitational force?
the ball falls down due to gravitational force.the force of attraction between any two objects

Recapitulation –

In order to revise the topic, the teacher or trainee teacher will ask the following questions.
  1. Define force?
  2. Name the types of contact and non-contact force.
  3. What is the standard unit of force?
  4. Which force attracts nails made up of iron from a distance?
Homework –

Fill in the blanks

  1. A pull or push acting on a body is called ______
  2. SI unit of force is _______
  3. Non contact force is also called ________
  4. Contact forces area of ______ forces.

Questions –
  • Explain contact forces along with their types.
  • Explain non-contact forces along with their types?

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