Pollution Notes

Pollution Notes

Pollution Notes

If you are looking for Lecture handmade notes on the pollution topic. Then this is the right place. Here you can download pdf of pollution notes very easily. Before exams, these handmade pollution notes will be very helpful for all the CBSE NCERT school and college students of all the classes, year and semesters. With the help of these short and handmade notes on pollution, you will get distinction marks in your exams.

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Here is the list of the topics which has been covered in pollution notes pdf.
  • Pollution 
  • Types of Pollution
    • Air Pollution
    • Water Pollution 
    • Environmental Pollution
    • Soil Pollution
    • Noise Pollution 
    • Nuclear Pollution
    • Radio-active Pollution
    • Thermal Pollution
    • Marine pollution
The topics of pollution notes given above contain all the topics in detail like What is Pollution, Types of Pollution, Impact, control, and measures for all the types of pollution.

Pollution Notes

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