Pollution PPT | 30+ Best Pollution PPT Collection Download Free

Pollution PPT | 30+ Best Pollution PPT Collection Download Free


Quick Overview of the Topics covered in the Post:

  1. Air Pollution PPT
  2. Water Pollution PPT
  3. Environmental Pollution PPT
  4. Marine Pollution PPT
  5. Thermal Pollution PPT
  6. Types of Pollution PPT
  7. Land Pollution PPT
  8. Plastic Pollution PPT
  9. Control of Air pollution PPT
  10. Air prevention and control of Pollution act 1981 PPT
  11. Industrial Pollution PPT
  12. Water Act 1974 PPT
  13. Groundwater pollution PPT
  14. Types of air pollution PPT
  15. Air pollution case study PPT
  16. Noise Pollution PPT
  17. Photochemical Smog PPT
  18. Causes of Water Pollution PPT
  19. Indoor Air Pollution PPT
  20. Light Pollution PPT
  21. Prevention of Noise Pollution PPT
  22. Noise Pollution Act of 2000 PPT
  23. Visual Pollution PPT
  24. Smog PPT
  25. Air Quality PPT
  26. Effects of water pollution on human health PPT
  27. Soil Pollution PPT
  28. Oil Pollution PPT
  29. Ganga River Pollution PPT
  30. Ocean Pollution PPT
  31. Yamuna Pollution PPT
  32. Microplastic Pollution PPT

If you are searching for Pollution PPT. Then this is the right place. Here you will get more than 30 + PPT Powerpoint presentation on Pollution on all the topics related to pollution and the environment which you can easily download. 

Note: Because we have given more than 30 PPT in one place. So It may take time to open the preview of all the PPTs. Please keep waiting, If it may take some time to load.

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Pollution PPT

List of the Topics Covered in the first 4 Pollution PPT :
  2. Types of Pollution
  3. Air Pollution
  4. Water Pollution
  5. Noise Pollution
  6. Land Pollution
  7. Radio Active Pollution
  8. thermal pollution
  9. What is Atmosphere
  10. Pollution In Facts and Figures
  11. Pollution Control Measures
  12. The PPC Division
  13. Enforcement Mechanisms
  14. Causes of air pollution
  15. Effects of air pollution
  16. How to avoid air pollution
  17. Definition and causes and effects of water pollution
  18. Water pollution pictures
  19. How to avoid water pollution
  20. Noise pollution (causes, effects, and prevention)
  21. How to avoid noise pollution
  22. Definition, causes, and prevention of land pollution
  23. Land pollution pictures
Pollution PPT 1


Pollution Powerpoint Presentation 2


Pollution Prevention and Control PPT 3


Types of Pollution PPT 4



Air pollution PPT

List of topics covered in This PPT:
  1. What is air
  2. List of major air pollutants
  3. Sources and effects of air pollutants
  4. What is air pollutants?
  5. Six major air pollutants
  6. Major sources of pollutants
  7. Greenhouse gases
  8. Causes of air pollution
  9. What is air pollution
  10. Effects of air pollution
  11. Acid rain
  12. Wildlife affected by air pollution
  13. Ozone layer
  14. Greenhouse effect
  15. Global warming
  16. Air problems caused by incineration of waste materials
  17. Controlling air pollution


Water pollution PPT

List of the topics covered in all water pollution PPTs:
  1. Human and natural pollutants
  2. Sources of water pollution
  3. How do we measure water quality?
  4. Quantitative water quality tests
  5. Qualitative water tests
  6. What are some indicator species of water pollution 
  7. Is the water safe to drink?
  8. What have developed countries done to  reduce stream pollution
  9. What have developed countries done to reduce stream pollution
  10. Who reports on drinking water
  11. Clean water act 1972
  12. Safe water drinking act 1974
  13. Water purification
  14. What is water pollution?
  15. Types of water pollution
  16. Causes of water pollution
  17. Effects of water pollution
  18. What you can do
  19. Classification of water pollutant
  20. Common water-borne diseases
Water Pollution PPT 1


Water Pollution PPT 2


PPT on Water Pollution 3


Water Pollution PPT Presentation 4


PPT 10

Water act 1974 PPT

List of the Topics covered in all water act PPTs:
  1. Introduction
  2. Salient provisions of water act (1974) 
  3. Objectives & scope
  4. Powers and functions of boards
  5. Prevention and control of water pollution
  6. Penalties and procedure
  7. Miscellaneous
  8. Application and commencement
  9. Functions of the central board (sec. 16)
  10. Functions of the state board
  11. Ganga action plan ( gap)
  12. Water quality board actions
Water Act 1974 PPT 1

PPT 11

Water Act 1974 Powerpoint presentation 2

PPT 12

Environmental pollution PPT

List of the Topics Covered:
  1. Definition
  2. Pollutant
  3. Degradable pollution
  4. Non-degradable  pollution 
  5. Types of pollution ( noise,air,water,land ,soil,thermal,nuclear)
  6. Air pollution
  7. Composition of air
  8. Types of pollutants
  9. Sources of air pollution
  10. Effects of air pollution
  11. Ozone depletion
  12. Greenhouse effect
  13. Smog
  14. Water pollution ( meaning, types, definition, sources, causes and control and measures)
  15. Soil pollution
  16. Causes of soil degradation
  17. Marine pollution
  18. Causes, effects, control, and measure of marine pollution
  19. Control measures for oil pollution
  20. Noise pollution
  21. Levels of noise and vibration
  22. Decibel levels of common sounds DB
  23. Ambient noise levels DB
  24. Safe time exposure in DB
  25. Effects of noise pollution
  26. Control techniques
  27. Thermal pollution
  28. Nuclear hazards
  29. Effects of nuclear pollution
  30. Control measures
  31. Role of an individual in prevention of pollution
EVS Pollution PPT 1

PPT 13

Environmental pollution PPT 2

Tables of Content:
  • Types of pollution
  • Water pollution
  • Sources of water pollution
  • Municipal wastewater
  • Industrial waste
  • Inorganic pollutants
  • Organic pollutants
  • Agricultural wastes
  • Marine pollution
  • Thermal pollution
  • Air pollution
  • Causes of air pollution
  • Consequences of air pollution
  • Land pollution
  • Causes of land pollution
  • Noise pollution
  • Sources of noise pollution
  • Effects of noise pollution
  • Solutions for noise pollution
  • Ways to stop pollution
  • Global warming and the greenhouse effect
  • Difference between global warming and the greenhouse effect
  • Some proof of global warming

PPT 14

Light pollution PPT

List of the topics covered in all light pollution PPT:
  1. What is light pollution?
  2. Definition
  3. Types of light pollution
  4. Consequences
  5. Reduction
  6. And types
  7. Causes effect solution
Light Pollution PPT 1

PPT 15

Light Pollution Powerpoint Presentation 2

PPT 16

Photochemical smog PPT

List of the Topics Covered in PPT:
  1. Smog types
  2. Photochemical smog
  3. Air pollutant
  4. How photochemical smog is formed
  5. The process involving the formation of photochemical smog
  6. Effect on human health and plants
  7. Sources and effect of photochemical smog
  8. Factors affecting the formation of photochemical smog
  9. Mitigation measures for photochemical smog
  10. How to save the environment by preventing smog

PPT 17

Plastic pollution ppt

List of the Topics covered in all Plastic Pollution PPT:
  1. What is pollution?
  2. What is plastic?
  3. What is plastic pollution?
  4. History of plastic
  5. Plastic pollution
  6. Chemicals in plastic
  7. Types of plastic products
  8. Sources of plastic pollution
  9. Causes of plastic pollution
  10. Effects of plastic pollution
  11. Solutions to plastic pollution
  12. Steps taken by govt
  13. Initiatives on plastic pollution
  14. Case studies
  15. Ways to mitigate plastic pollution
  16. Scary facts about plastic
Plastic Pollution PPT 1

PPT 18

Plastic Pollution Powerpoint Presentation 2

PPT 19

Marine pollution PPT

List of the Topics Covered in all Marine Pollution PPT:
  1. Introduction
  2. Types of marine pollution
  3. Causes & effects of marine pollution
  4. Prevention and control
  5. What is a pollution?
  6. What is marine pollution??
  7. Causes of marine pollution
  8. Major impacts of marine pollution
  9. The health of marine life
  10. Some examples of marine pollution
  11. Ways of pollutant inputs 
  12. Human impacts on marine environments
  13. How to protect marine life?
  14. Oil pollution
  15. Garbage pollution
  16. Accidental loss or discharge of fishing gear
  17. Plan to reduce and store your garbage
  18. Garbage waste management onboard      shore facilities
  19. Marine pollution threats and biodiversity conservation
  20. Ocean world
  21. Marine life and resources
  22. Marine ecosystem
  23. Marine biodiversity
  24. Marine pollution threats
  25. Pollutants types & sources
  26. Impact of marine pollution
  27. Coastal ecology
  28. Coastal regulation zone (crz)
  29. Aquaculture: the blue revolution?
  30. How to solve environmental pollution
  31. Role of marine biotechnology on environmental pollution
  32. Suggestions to protect marine environments
  33. World environmental day- June 5
  34. Policies and acts for the protection
Marine Pollution PPT 1

PPT 20

Marine Pollution Presentation 2

PPT 21

Marine Pollution PPT Presentation 3

PPT 22

Marine Pollution Case Study PPT 4

PPT 23

Thermal pollution PPT

List of the Topics Covered in all Thermal Pollution PPTs:

  1. Introduction
  2. Diagramatic representation
  3. Causes of thermal pollution
  4. Effects of thermal pollution
  5. Control of thermal pollution
  6. The Bentley manufacturing company
  7. Freeze fish breeding in Macquarie river
  8. Thermal pollution and the Hudson river
  9. Impacts of thermal pollution
  10. Thermal pollution causes and consequences
  11. Case study
Thermal Pollution PPT 1

PPT 24

Thermal Pollution Presentation 2

PPT 25

Thermal Pollution PPT Presentation 3

PPT 26

Thermal Pollution PPT 4

PPT 27

Thermal Pollution PPT 5

PPT 28

Land pollution PPT

List of the topics covered in all Land pollution PPTs:
  • What is land pollution? 
  • Causes of land pollution
  • Effects of land pollution
  • Prevention of land pollution
  • Solutions for land pollution
Land Pollution PPT 1

PPT 29

Land Pollution PPT Presentation 2

PPT 30

Noise Pollution PPT

Topics Covered in PPT:
  • Health Effects
  • Sources of Noise Pollution
  • Solutions for Noise Pollution

PPT 31

Agricultural pollution PPT

List of the topics which has been covered in agricultural pollution PPT:
  1. What is agricultural pollution
  2. Definition
  3. Types of agricultural pollution
  4. Main causes of agricultural pollution
  5. Effects of agricultural pollution
  6. Challenges of agricultural pollution
  7. Ways to reduce agricultural pollution
  8. Types of the mechanism of agricultural pollution
  9. Leaching and groundwater poisoning
  10. Water runoff
  11. Eutrophication
  12. Challenges or managements problems of  agricultural pollution
  13. Prevention and techniques of agriculture pollution
  14. A figure showing irrigation drainage

PPT 32

Agriculture water pollution PPT

List of the Topics covered in PPT:
  1. Introduction
  2. Agriculture as a cause
  3. Sources of awp
  4. Impacts 

If you didn't find what you are looking for in the pollution ppt then you can check the other useful links which we have given below:


It is hard to find and download some useful ppts and presentations on pollution on the net. Here we have given some Best and Impactful Pollution PPT. Now it is easy to download all pollution PPT at one place on all the topics.

If you are a college student. Then you have to make such PPT Presentation on Pollution Topic for your project or assignment. To make your presentation better. You can go through all these PPTs. This PPT is downloadable. You can use them as it is or with the help of this pollution ppt you can create your own. 

You can check and go through all the PPT presentations of pollution. And can download all or anyone which is relevant to your topic. Whether you are a school student or a college student These PPTs will provide you a lot of help in making your Presentation on Pollution. 

Here we have given multiple PPT on Same Topic. You can check all the topics which we have mentioned just before the staring of Pollution PPT.

Not only for presentation purpose, but you can also use this PPT on Pollution for notes making of EVS and making different EVS and Pollution Assignments and Project files. These PPT is in Both PPT and PDF form which you can easily download.

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