EVS Project

EVS Project

EVS Project

Are you searching for Best topic for evs project, you are at the right place, Here you get a lot of good and unique topics on EVS Project for Class 11th and 12th and for all college students and even for all primary and secondary school. Whatever subject ie. English, mathematics, science, commerce, economics, social studies/science or computer you are studying in your school and college. These EVS Projects are compulsory for all. 

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Evs Project on Marine Pollution
Not only for Class 11 and 12 but for all classes and colleges, We have given a lot of EVS Project PDF for free. You can easily download the evs project through the link we have given below. The EVS project is in PDF Format. And with the help of this sample and model evs project, you can make your own evs project. 

It has been seen that many school students remain in doubt How to write evs project and Which is the Best topic for environment project. 

Not only Class 11 and 12 also all the college students of B.Com, B.A, B.SC, BBA, BCA, Engineering, UG, PG, etc. They can make their own evs project

EVS stands for environmental studies. This is a compulsory subject in schools and colleges. And it has made mandatory to make the students aware of the environmental surroundings in which they are living.

This project and assignment of EVS are for all whether you are in Year 1st, 2nd or 3rd or in any semester in college. 

Not only PDF but also we have given some selected videos of EVS Projects on different topics. With the help of these, you can enhance your practical knowledge also. and will be able to understand the EVS Project and assignment PDF easily. I would recommend that you should watch some videos before making your EVS project File.

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Evs project on waste management

Here is the list of the topics which has been covered  in the EVS project are:
  • Pollution
  • Kinds of Pollution
    • Natural Pollution
    • Man-made pollution
    • Personal Pollution
    • Occupational pollution
    • community pollution
  • Pollutants
  • Types of Pollution
    • Air Pollution
    • Water Pollution
    • Soil Pollution
    • Noise Pollution
    • Radio-active pollution
    • Thermal Pollution
    • Marine Pollution
    • Nuclear Pollution
All these types of pollution are given in detail with their sources, forms, effects, impact, control, and measures. You can select any one topic for your EVS Project and make your own EVS project practical file on time.

EVS Project File

Other Important Links 
You can go through all these links to get some more details and ideas for your EVS project on different topics of environmental education.

Some Selected Videos on EVS Project

Here is the list of the EVS Project topics which has been discussed below
  1. Biodiversity
  2. Farmhouse
  3. Parts of Plant
  4. EVS File for 12 in English
  5. Air Pollution Model and Project
  6. Water Cycle EVS PRoject
  7. Rainwater Harvesting
  8. Global Warming
  9. EVS File decoration Ideas
  10. How to draw Water cycle easily
  11. EVS Assignment for Class 2nd and Primary
  12. Handwritten Project on Pollution for Class 11
  13. Air Pollution PPT project
  14. EVS Projects in Marathi
  15. Paryavaran Prakalp
  16. EVS Projects in Hindi
1. Evs project on Biodiversity pdf

2. Evs farmhouse project Idea for Class 11

3. Parts of Plant EVS Project Model

4.  EVS ( Environmental Studies) Project Files Class 12 STD

5. evs project air pollution and it's model making

6. EVS Project on Water Cycle 

7. Rain water Harvesting EVS Project

8. Project on global warming for EVS in English

9. How To Decorate your EVS Project file? 

10. How to draw Water Cycle for Any School And College EVS Project?

11. Project and Assignment file of class 2 evs

12. EVS Project and Assignment on pollution 


14. environmental project in the Marathi language for 11th and 12th std students and the topic is  topic dhvani pradhushan

15. Paryavaran Prakalp EVS Project in Marathi

16. Class 12 EVS Project Report in Hindi

17. Water and Rainwater Harvesting EVS Project

--> These Vidoes will surely help you in making your EVS *Environmenta Studies* Project and Assignment. Also If you want to make your EVS project on some other topic for class1, class2, class 3, class 4, class 5, class 11, class 12 and for any college project you can download the PPTs and PDFs which we have given above. These video tutorial will provide you a lot of different ideas for your project making and understanding.

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