Reading and Reflecting on Texts Book

Reading and Reflecting on Texts Book

EPC 1 Reading and Reflecting on Texts PDF Book and Practical Notebook for B.Ed Year 1 and 2 in English Free Download PDF

reading and reflection on texts book in english free download pdf for b.ed first year

List of The Topics Which are covered in the Reading and Reflecting on Text PDF BOOK:
  • Reading as a language skill
  • Acquisition of reading skills
  • Definition of reading
  • Definition and implication of basic reading
  • What are Reading skills?
  • Reading for global and local comprehension
  • Ways of reading
  • Critical reading
  • Reading for a special purpose
  • Reading a wide variety of text
  • What are Writing skills
  • Editing the written text
  • Process of writing: Seven-step writing process
  • Errors as part of learning
  • What is Reflective Writing?
  • Types of text
  • What are the Characteristics of reflective writing
  • Process of reflective writing
  • Few Examples of reflective writing:
  • The underestimated importance of reading


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