Micro and Macro Economics Lesson Plan

Micro and Macro Economics Lesson Plan

Economics Lesson Plan for Micro Teaching

This is the economics subject teaching lesson plan for high school teachers of class 12 on micro and macroeconomics 

  • Grade: 12
  • Duration of the period: 6 minute
  • Subject: Economics
  • Topic: Micro and Macro Economics
  • Lesson Plan Type: Skill of Illustration with Examples ( MicroTeaching Lesson Plan)

Note: The Economics Lesson Plan given below is just an example. You can change the Name, Class, Course, Date, Duration, etc. according to your needs.

The skill of Illustration With Examples

micro and macro economics b.ed lesson plan for teachers of high school

economics lesson plan on micro and macro topic for class or grade 12

free download pdf of economics lesson plan in english for high school on micro and macro economics

micro lesson plan of economics , How to teach micro and macro economics to the students of middle and high school

Further Reference:
learningclassesonline Economics Lesson Plan for B.Ed

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