Reading and Reflecting on Texts Practical File in English Free Download online - b.ed practical files CRSU, MDU, KUK

Hello everyone, reading and reflecting on texts is a subject taught in bed and sometimes in M.ed and other educational courses and programs related to teaching and training professional courses in almost all the universities. Preparing for practical and projects files of reading and reflecting on text is very difficult for many pupil teachers. Here you can easily download PDF of reading and reflecting on text and see how to prepare reading and reflecting on the text file. This is a sample B.Ed practical file of reading and reflecting on text with the help of which you can prepare your B.Ed file on reading and reflecting the text. In all the education courses and if you are going to become a teacher then this subject and file are must prepare for everyone. Below is the reading and reflecting on text practical file and book which you can easily download. 

reading and reflecting on texts book , practical file, pdf free download in english

Here is the list of topics which are covered under this BED PRACTICAL file and study notes of reading and reflecting on text:
  • Introduction to Reading and Reflecting on Texts
  • Acquisition of Reading Skills
  • Reading as a language skill
  • Reading for global and local comprehension
  • Attentive / Close reading
  • Reflecting on Texts
  • Understanding the Process of Critical Reading
  • Characteristics and features of critical reading
  • Ways of reading
    • Pre-reading
    • Post-reading
  • Developing writing skills
  • Importance of developing writing skills
  • Writing for a specific purpose and specific audience
  • Classroom process of writing
  • Recognizing error as part of the learning process
  • How can we use learning Errors to our advantage?
  • Writing and reflecting on Texts
  • Understanding the concept of reflective writing
  • Distinguish features of reflective writing
  • What are the Benefits of reflective practice?
  • What is text?
  • Types of texts
  • Text structure
  • Language features
  • Word knowledge and content knowledge acquired through learning and personal experience
  • Conclusion


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