Yoga : Meaning, Concept, Definition, Importance, Astanga Yoga (eight Limbs), Different Yoga Asans - Yoga For Peace and Harmony

Yoga : Meaning, Concept, Definition, Importance, Astanga Yoga (eight Limbs), Different Yoga Asans - Yoga For Peace and Harmony

Yoga for Peace and Harmony

Overview – meaning and Definition of Yoga, Importance or advantages of Yoga, Short notes on various eight limbs of Yoga, A list of different yoga asans, A short note on Yoga for peace and harmony in India and International Yoga Day

Meaning and Concept of Yoga: योग का अर्थ 

Historically, the term yoga refers to a wide range of bodily postures that have been transmitted by teachers in India from thousands of years. Many of these postures or asans have been defined by the Classic Hatha Yoga.  Traditionally Hatha Yoga” means a balanced union, a system for creating the balanced well being of the total person as Yoga joins the mind, body and spirit into a balanced while”

Definition of Yoga: योग की  परिभाषा 

Patanjali Definition of Yoga for Peace and Harmony

According to Patanjali (पतंजलि ) , Yoga Is “Checking the impulses of mind”

Importance/Advantages or significance or uses and role of Yoga for Peace and Harmony:
योग के महत्त्व और विशेषताएं - 

Yoga is a very important tool and plays a very important role to make the body healthy and free from all diseases. A regular yoga or exercise makes the person healthy and strong. It is helpful and useful in making peace and harmony all over the world. Some of the significant advantages and importance of Yoga is:

1.      One of the important advantages of Yoga is that it is easy to perform. Anybody can take part in Yoga and can perform according to their capacity and capabilities.
2.      Yoga can be performed and practiced by everyone where he or she is child or adult, man or woman, old or young, poor and rich. There is no reservation in Yoga. It is same for everyone.
3.      Yoga Is very important to make the mind and body refresh and rejuvenating
4.      One of the specialties of yoga is that it remains every young with same vigor and vitality.
5.      With the help of Yoga exercises, the stomach of a person becomes clean, the digestive system becomes regular and constipation is removed
6.      It is also useful for women also. By performing Yogic exercises Women or girls become more beautiful and charming in perfect shape and size.
7.      Yoga is also significant for a person in their growth and development of intelligence.
8.      Yoga makes the man and women self-control. The person who performs yoga can control themselves in every difficult situation and cope with every problem in their life easily.
9.      Yoga has a great importance in destroying the cause of diseases. By doing regular yoga exercise one can free from almost all diseases.
10.   There are many exercises in Yoga which are helpful to our eye-sight and helps in improving the vision power of a person

What are the eight limbs of Yoga or Astanga Yoga: योग का आठ अंग 
योग के सूत्र  - अष्टांग योग सूत्र 
The eight limbs or Astanga of Yoga are:

1.      Yama यम 
2.      Niyama  नियम 
3.      Asana आसन 
4.      Pranayama प्राणायाम 
5.      Pratyahaar प्रत्याहार 
6.      Dharana धारणा 
7.      Dhyan ध्यान 
8.      Samadhi समाधि 

1.      Yama: Meaning of Yama in Yoga: यम का अर्थ : It is also called universal moral commandments. Yama means restraint or abstention. There are five moral practices in Yama.
-        Ahimsa ( which means non-violence)
-        Satya ( which means truth)
-        Asteya ( which means Non-stealing)
-        Brammacharya ( Which means continence)
-        Aparigraha ( Which means non-coveting)

2.      Niyama : Meaning of Niyama in Yoga: नियम का अर्थ :  Niyama is also called self purification by discipline. Niyamas are the physical and mental rule of conduct towards oneself. These niyamas are
– Saucha ( which means purity)
– Tapas ( Which means austerity)
– Insavara ( which means Pranidhana)
– Santosh ( which means contentment)
– Swadhaya

3.      Asans: Meaning of Asans in Yoga : आसन का अर्थ : Ansan means to sit comfortably without any movement for long in one place.

4.      Pranayama: Meaning of Pranayama: प्राणायाम का अर्थ :Pranayama is a complete cycle of respiration.

5.      Pratyahaar: Meaning of Pratyahaar: प्रत्याहार का अर्थ :Pratyahaar is when our sense organs become detached they settle down in the heart. This situation is called Pratyahaar in Yoga for peace and harmony.

6.      Dhyana: Meaning of Dhyana in Yoga: ध्यान का अर्थ:  Dhyana means concentration. Dhyana is concentration of the mind on some object.

7.       Meditation: Meaning of Meditation in yoga-  When takes the concentration form of medidation the aspirant marches forward continuously and without any pause towards his goal and becomes inseparable from its arm is called meditation.

8.      Samadhi: Meaning of Samadhi in Yoga: समाधि का अर्थ :  Samadhi is the hightest attainment in which one’s sould becomes an integral part of God.

Different Yoga Asanas: योग आसान के प्रकार 

There are many different yoga asans or exercise which makes the person mind sound and healthy. Some of the important Yoga asans or exercises for peace and harmony are -

1.      Sitting Position Asans of Yoga
       Padamasana पदमासन 
       Yogamudra योगमुद्रा 
       Matsyasana मत्स्यासन 
       Paschimottanasana पश्चिमोत्तानासन 

2.      Supine Position Asanas of Yoga:
-        Halasana हलासन 
-        Sarvangasana सर्वांगसन 
3.      3 Prone Position Asans of Yoga:
-        Bhujangasana भुजंगासना 
-        Salabhasana सलभासन 
-        Dhanurasana धनुरासन 
4.      Standing Position Asanas of Yoga:
-        Trikonkasana त्रिकोणासन 

A short note on the Yoga for peace and harmony and international yoga day (अंतरराष्ट्रीय योग दिवस )

Yoga for Peace and Harmony

Yoga for Peace and Harmony is the slogan of first ever international Yoga Day which has been celebrated in huge scale across India and other parts of the world.

Now June 21, has been marked as the International Yoga Day which was driven by the current Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi, who himself is a regular Yoga Practioner.

It is believed that Yoga and meditation brings positive changes in our body and. Yoga and meditation makes our body fit and mind refreshed which is full of positive energy and help in bringing people all over the world together

international yoga day
International yoga day

This article is all about the whole concept of yoga. How Yoga is useful in every walk of life and its importance in India. In India Baba Ramdev has played a great role in spreading Yoga all over India and in worldwide also. Now there is a day i.e 21 June has been declared as the international yoga day. There are various poses and asans of yoga which makes the body and mind of a person strong. Yoga spread peace and harmony all over the world.

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