Pedagogy / teaching of Home Science Syllabus

Pedagogy / teaching of Home Science Syllabus


b.ed syllabus, bed syllabus first year


After completion of the course, student teachers will be able to:

·        develop understanding of the meaning, scope, areas, aims, and objectives of Teaching of Home Science
·        acquaint students about misconceptions regarding Home Science
·        acquaint students about the importance and interdisciplinary approach of Home-science
·        develop understanding of the various methods  and  procedures  required  for  Teaching  Home Science effectively
·        develop instructional planning and development of relevant material for the Teaching of Home science
·        develop practical skills to organize various learning experiences related to Teaching of Home Science
·        acquaint students to use I.C.E.T. in Teaching of Home Science
·        perform pedagogical analysis of various concepts in Home science
·        develop competencies and skill for effective evaluation in Home Science



Concept and Aims of Teaching of Home Science

·        Meaning, Nature and Scope of Home Science.
·        Components of Home Science.
·        Food and Nutrition
·        Resource Management
·        Human Development
·        Textiles and clothing
·        Extension Education
·        Misconceptions regarding Home Science
·        Importance of Teaching of Home Science in various stages of Secondary Education.
·        General aims and objectives of Teaching Home Science at Secondary stage.
·        Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives and writing objectives in terms of behavioral outcomes of students
·        Study of National, Programmes run by Government relating to Health,  Nutrition  and Child Care


Skills and Methods of Teaching Home Science

·        Micro-teaching skills
·        Skill of Introducing the lesson
·        Skill of Questioning
·        Skill of Illustration
·        Skill of Explaining
·        Skill of Stimulus variation

·        Preparation of Micro Lesson Plan

·        Methods of Teaching
o   Lecture-cum-Demonstration
o   Laboratory
o   Project
o   Inductive-Deductive
o   Problem Solving


Instructional Planning and Material Development

·        Unit planning and lesson planning
·        Meaning, Importance and preparation of the Unit plan
·        Meaning, Importance and Preparation of Lesson Plan
·        Meaning, Importance, Classification, and Preparation of Audio-Visual Material used for the teaching of Home Science
·        Application of I.C.T in Teaching of Home Science
·        Learning Resources
·        Importance and Organization of Home Science Club.
·        Excursions and Home Science Exhibitions
·        Home Science Laboratory: Planning, Organization, and its importance.


Pedagogical Analysis

·        Meaning, importance and Steps of Pedagogical Analysis
·        Pedagogical Analysis on the following topics:
·        Balanced Diet
·        Health and Hygiene
·        Fiber
·        Care and Maintenance of Fabrics
·        Child Care
·        Elements of Art
·        Principles of Design
·        Importance and Principles of Budget Making


·        Evaluation in Home Science-Meaning and Importance of Evaluation
·        Formative and Summative Evaluation.
·        Diagnostic Testing and Remedial Teaching
·        Development of Test Items
·        Short-Answer Type
·        Objective-Type

Tasks & Assignments: Any one of the following

·        Market Survey and Report.
·        Preparation of decorative items for the beautification of the school.
·        Preparation of a Report on Quality Control Measures.
·        Preparation of a Report on the Mid-day Meal Programme in the school.
·        Any other project/assignment given by the institution.


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