Creating an inclusive school Syllabus

Creating an inclusive school Syllabus


creating an inclusive school b.ed syllabus and curriculum free download pdf

OBJECTIVES and Importance of Studying Creating an inclusive school

After completion of the course, student teachers will be able to:
-        understand the concept of exceptionality and inclusive education
-        acquaint themselves with the legal and policy perspectives of inclusive education
-        develop positive attitude towards children with special needs
-        use teaching strategies in the education of children with special needs
-        use support services and partnership in teaching
-        incorporate innovative practices in the education of the children with diversities



Concept of Exceptionality and Children with Special Needs
-        Understanding diversities/differences- concept, characteristics and types of various
-        disabilities ( Visual, Hearing, Mental Retardation, locomotors, and neurological disorders, learning disability and multiple disabilities)
-        Concept, meaning and need for inclusive education
-        Transition from segregation to inclusion
-        Principles of Inclusive Education
-        Models of Inclusion


Legal and Policy Perspectives
-        International Declarations and Conventions:
-        Salamanca statement and framework of action, 1994
-        Educational provisions in the UN convention on the rights of a person with disabilities (UNCRPD), 2006
-        Constitutional Provisions
-        Education of students with disabilities in NPE 1968, 1986, POA(1992) (PWD Act 1995), (RCI Act, 1992), (RTE Act 2009)
-        Education in the national policy on disability, 2006
-        Role of Organizations for Education of Children with Disabilities
-        Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI)
-        National Institute of Different Disabilities
-        Composite Regional Centres (CRCs)
-        District Disability Rehabilitation Centres (DDRCs)
-        Non Voluntary Govt. Organizations (NGOs)

Special Needs & Inclusion
-        Special needs in terms of learning experiences in the context of disabilities and their learning styles
-        Schools awareness and readiness for addressing learning difficulties
-        Concept of an inclusive school- infrastructure and accessibility, awareness and positive attitude towards disability, human resources, whole-school approach


Practices and Support System for Inclusive Set up
-        Pedagogical Strategies to respond to the individual needs of learners in the classroom:  Peer  tutoring, cooperative learning strategy,  social  learning,  Buddy  system,  Reflective  teaching, Multisensory teaching
-        Support Services and Partnership in Teaching: Developing a positive relationship between school and home. Teaching and co-teaching personnel  :  Parents  and  teachers,  teacher and special teacher, Team of teacher, Parents, Special Educator, Speech therapist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, and counselor, Professional training of teachers in inclusive schools
-        Assistive and Adaptive Technologies in Inclusive Set up, use of ICT, Equipment and others technologies for different disabilities

Tasks & Assignments: 

-        Prepare a Report on school readiness for addressing Children with special needs.
-        Record Keeping & Maintenance of Education of Children with Special Needs
-        Any other the project was given by the institution


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