How to operate Windows 7 ? – Learn working with window 7 Online Free

How to operate Windows 7 ? – Learn working with window 7 Online Free

 Overview – Concept of Window 7 , Features of Windows 7, Windows 7 desktop, functions and new features of window 7

this is the free tutorial guide for windows 7. With the help of this tutorial to window 7 you will be able to learn and work with windows 7 easily  ( विंडो  7 ( ७ )पर कैसा काम करे  )

An introduction to Windows 7

An overview to Windows 7 – Windows 7 is an operating system which is specifically designed to meet the needs of both business and personal users. Windows 7 was released to manufacturing on July 22, 2009 and general retail available on October 22, 2009.

Features or Characteristics of Windows 7: विंडो 7 की विशेषताएं 
There are different features or characteristics of Windows operating system that increase the efficiency and productivity of user. Some important features or characteristics of Windows 7 are given below:

·        Working with Files: Windows 7 provides many ways to manage files stored on our computer. We can open, rename, print, delete, move and search for files.
·        Working with Images: Windows 7 provides many ways to work with images. We can create our own pictures. We can import images from scanner, digital camera or download images from Internet.
·        Playing Music: Windows 7 allows us to play music CDs, watch DVD movies and also helps us to find the latest music and movies on the Internet.
·        Access the Internet: Windows 7 allows our computer to connect to the Internet and browse the World Wide Web. We can search for Web pages of interest. It also allows us to exchange electronic mail with people around the world.

Windows 7 Desktop ( डेस्कटॉप )

 We should familiarize ourselves with the basic desktop elements, before getting to the specific knowledge of Windows 7.

The basic Elements (तत्व) of Windows 7 are:

ü  Desktop icons: An icon on the desktop represents a program or Windows 7 feature. A program we install often adds its own icon on the desktop.
ü  Mouse Pointer: When we move our mouse, this pointer on the screen moves along with it.
ü  Time and Date: It displays the current date and time on our computer.
ü  Notification area: This area displays small icons that notify us about things that are happening on our computer.
ü  Taskbar: The programs we have appeared in the taskbar. We can use this area to switch between programs if we have more than one programs running at a time.
ü  Taskbar Icons: We use these icons to launch some Windows 7 features with just a mouse click.
ü  Start Button: We use this button to start programs and launch many of Windows 7’s features.
ü  Start Menu: Start menu lists all the installed programs in the computer.

START MENU (स्टार्ट मेन्यू ) of Window 7 :

The Start menu has a list of options that link to all the programs installed on our computer, as well as to all the tasks we can carry out with Windows 7. We open the Start menu by clicking the start button at the left end of the taskbar. The menu looks similar to the Microsoft Windows XP versions, but its functionality has been streamlined.

Functions / Significance or advantages of Windows 7 ( विंडो 7  के कार्य )

Windows 7 will do the following functions for our computer to work:

1.      It coordinates interactions among hardware components, such that receiving input from the keyboard and mouse, displaying output on the monitor, and locating programs and files on the hard disk.
2.      It acts as an interface between us and our computer, so that we can work in a visual way by clicking items on the screen instead of typing precise sequence of commands.
3.      It enables our computer to communicate with other computers and peripherals devices such as printers, scanners and modems.
4.      It interacts with programs installed on our computer.

New features in Windows 7   ( विंडो  7 की  नयी विशेषताएं )

Windows 7 includes a  number of new features such as advances in ouch and handwriting recognition, support for virtual hard disk, improved performances on multi-core processors, improved boot performance, direct access, kernel improvements etc. Some of the new features of Windows 7 are given below:

Ø  AERO: The new hardware-based graphical user interface, named Aero is available in the Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise editions of Windows 7. It mixes cool graphics with useful new ways to manage our desktop.

Ø  Taskbar टास्कबार : The Windows taskbar has seen its most significant revision since its introduction in Windows 95. The taskbar is 10 pixels taller than in Windows Vista to accommodate touch screen input and a new large default icon size; through a smaller taskbar size is available.

Ø  SNAP: The SNAP features in Windows 7 resize and arranges windows by simply dragging their borders to the edges our screen. It is a quick way to resize open windows, simply by dragging them to the edges of our screen.

Ø  PINNING: Pinning is a great way to add shortcuts to our most often used programs in Windows 7. We can pin items to the Taskbar, at the bottom of the screen, or to the Start menu. That saves a lot of clicks and makes us more efficient.

Ø  JUMP LIST: Jump List is a menu options available from right clicking any of the icons on the taskbar or by holding the left mouse button and sliding up on an icon. For example, a Windows Media Player jump list might display all the recent media played.

Ø  WINDOWS SEARCH: It has significantly faster and more through search capabilities. Search boxes have been added to the search menu.

Ø  THUMBNAIL PREVIEW: In Windows 7, if we take our mouse pointer over a program icon on the taskbar, we can see actual images of all of our open files and images.

Ø  WINDOWS INTERNET EXPLORER: It has new user interface, tabbed browsing, a search box, improved printing, Page zoom, Quick Tabs, Anti-phishing filter, a number of new security protection features and improved

Ø  BACKUP AND RESTORE CENTRE: This facility gives users the ability to schedule periodic backups of files on their computer, as well as recovery from previous backups.

Ø  SPEECH RECOGNITION: It is fully integrated into Windows 7.

Ø  PAINT पेंट : Paint has new features such as strip across the top of the window that make the program easier to use, with choices displayed out in the open rather than in menus.

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