What are input devices? Explain the various types of input devices of computer – Learn Computer Basics Online Free

What are input devices? Explain the various types of input devices of computer – Learn Computer Basics Online Free

Input devices - Meaning
Input devices are used to put data and instructions into the computer. There are many different types of
Input device and here are some of them.

Types or Kinds of Input Devices -

Keyboard is found on computers like desktops and note books. Its layout is very similar to a typewriter. It is used for a wide range of tasks. It is used for typing in data from paper documents such as application forms which people have filled in. It is also used for entering different types of data.

A mouse is a pointing input device that works upon GUI (Graphic user interface) platform. Whenever you move mouse an arrow pointer also moves according to the direction you are moving. This pointer is used to perform different tasks associated with the mouse.

This device is used on laptop computers. Instead of moving a mouse, you move your finger across the pad. The pointer moves across the screen in the direction you move your finger. If you tap the touch pad this has the same effect as clicking the mouse. There are also buttons on a mouse.

A joystick is used mainly in computer games. You control the movement of an object on the screen by moving the joystick. It has a tracker ball. The tracker ball device does not move, unlike a mouse, just the ball does. The joystick device does not move, just the stick does.

Digital cameras are used to take photographs. Digital camera look like ordinary cameras but they do not use a film. Instead, each camera contains memory just like the CPU of a computer. The digital camera stores each picture it takes in its memory. These pictures are called digital pictures because they are made up of very tiny little colored dots. There are millions of these dots on a typical photograph. The photographs can be loaded in to a computer and printed out. In the computer, photographic images can be edited before printing.

A scanner is used to make a copy of what is on paper and store it in the computer. It does not matter what is on the paper, whether it is a picture, text even bar codes. An example is the use of a scanner to
Copy photographs into desk top publishing software as part a different magazine. When you scan an image the software usually allows you to choose between different resolutions. Low revolution uses fewer dots in the image and therefore less memory.

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