Define Computer and what are the various functions performed by a computer - Learn Computer Online Free

Define Computer and what are the various functions performed by a computer - Learn Computer Online Free

Overview – meaning and definition of computer, basic operations of computer ,Functions performed by computer, Works done by computer, Components of computer, meaning of inputting storing, processing and outputting in computer 

What is the Meaning & Definition of Computer?
A computer is an electronic device that accepts processes, stores and outputs data at high speeds. It is used for handling large quantity of data and for performing mathematical operations very rapidly. A computer has no capacity to think and will perform tasks only when programs have been formulated (a set of instructions in a language comprehensible to a computer which enable it to perform some required task). Collectively Computer programs are known as software. The equipment is collectively known as hardware.

 Basic operations of a computer-

A computer is nothing but a combination of several non living physical components. Whenever all those physical components (called hardware) in combination give an output then it is a computer. It is consists of several hardware components like
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Speaker
  • Monitor
  •  CPU
  • Hard Disk
  • Floppy
  • DVD/CD Rom
The functions of all these parts are quite different. If you analyze all physical parts of a computer you will notice some devices are for inputting data, some for storing data, some are for processing and some for outputting.

 Basic functions or operations and the work performed by the computer with its components are inputting, storing, processing and outputting. Naturally whatever is your computer system consists of; they just perform the following four basic operations:

  1. Inputting: - The first and foremost function of computer is inputting.  It is the process of entering data and instructions into the computer system. Inputting is done by the Input Devices. Examples of some input devices are: Keyboard, Mouse, Sound cards, video capture cards, Digital Camera, Joystick, Light pen etc.
  2. Storing: - Second function of computer is storing. It is the saving of data and instructions so that they are available for initial or for additional processing as and when required. Computers store all data in to its memory.
  3. Processing: - Third function of computer is processing. It is the process of Performing arithmetic operations or logical operations (comparisons like equal to, less than, greater than, etc.) of data in order to convert them into useful information. Processing is done by the computer processor. Some processor names are Pentium III, Pentium IV etc.
  4. Outputting: - Fourth and the last function of computer are outputting. It is the process of producing useful and processed information or results for the user, such as a printed report or visual display. For outputting computer uses several output devices like Monitor, Printer, and Speaker etc.

Learn Computer Basics Online Free

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