What Do You Mean By Education?

What Do You Mean By Education?

What Do You Mean By Education? – Meaning And Origin Of Education | Concept Of Education

What Do You Mean By Education?

Concept and Origin of the Word Education:

The Term "Education" Has Been Derived From The Latin Term "Educatum" Which Means The Act Of Teaching Or Training.

A Group Of Educationists Say That It Has Come From Another Latin Word "Educare" Which Means "To Bring Up" Or "To Raise".

A Few Others Interpret; The Word "Education" Has Originated From Another Latin Term "Educere" Which Means "To Lead Forth" Or "To Come Out".


Education Seeks To Develop The Innate Inner Capacities Of Man.

By Educating An Individual We Attempt To Give Him Some:

  • Desirable Knowledge,
  • Understanding,
  • Skills,
  • Interests,
  • Attitudes And
  • Critical 'Thinking.

  1. That Is, She/he Acquires Knowledge Of History, Geography, Arithmetic, Languages And Sciences.
  2. She/he Develops Some Understanding About The Deeper Things In Life, The Complex Human Relations, And The Cause And Effect Relationship And So On.
  3. She/he Gets Some Skills In Writing, Speaking, Calculating, Drawing, And Operating Some Equipment Etc.
  4. She/he Develops Some Interests In and Attitudes towards Social Work, Democratic Living, Co-Operative Management and So On.

As An Individual in the Society, She/he Has To Think Critically About Various Issues in Life and Take Decisions about Them Being Free From

  • Bias And Prejudices,
  • Superstitions And
  • Blind Beliefs.

Thus, She/he Has To Learn All These Qualities Of Head, Hand And Heart Through The Process Of Education.


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