Quality in Education | What is Quality Education ?

Quality in Education | What is Quality Education ?

Quality Education

Quality implies the essence of an object or subject based on predetermined standards or it deals with the worthiness of an object and subject in a given context.

The value of worthiness has two normative sides in the form of intrinsic and extrinsic consideration. 

For examples:
  1. Quality in painting (how one would see is intrinsic in nature and varies from situation to situation a lot).
  2. Quality in mobile handset or motorbike (easily expressed and hence extrinsic in nature)

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What is Quality in Education?

Quality in education refers to the level of achievement in relation to some ideal standard and partly in terms of efficacy relative to the standard of input.

Quality in education too can be expressed in terms of intrinsic and extrinsic consideration.

Intrinsic implies the level of academic achievement in terms of acquiring knowledge, developing understanding and skills, applied more to an individual’s capacity.

The extrinsic side of quality education implies largely the level of political, social, and economic implications.

Determination of Quality in Education

We call a person ‘educated’ who has been successfully initiated, though, of course, this is a matter of degree and there is no resting place of being completely educated at which anyone could arrive. It is possible for a lot of education to take place by people ‘picking things up’ when they are not in an explicit learning situation and when no one is setting out to teach them anything. 

But a great part of education takes place in more explicit contexts in institutions devoted to it, where learning situations are intentionally contrived. It is with education in this latter sense that we are here concerned. Obviously enough, the over-all ‘aim’ of education is the development of educated men and women

Determinateness to the notion of ‘quality’ in education, therefore, can only be given by getting clearer about the criteria built into the notion of being educated. But ‘quality’ in education could also be taken to describe the efficacy of the procedures of initiation in the development of such educated men and women. 

There could, therefore, be:
  • Quality as the product: the degree of satisfaction and attainment or being educated
  • Quality as process: inputs and nature of inputs for being educated

Issues in Quality of Education in India

  1. The deficit of unanimity in the determination of quality (what are the quality product, attainment level, and context: some are treated as the quality of par excellence and some areas sub-standard. IITs on one hand and others on another hand, JNU, DU on one side, and their counterparts on the other. Products of CBSE, ICSE on one side, and BSEO on the other.)
  2. Lack of compatible inputs for pre-determined quality
  3. The subjectivity of determination or valuation
  4. Lack of reliability and validity in examination and assessment

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