Pedagogy of Arts Syllabus

Pedagogy of Arts Syllabus

PEDAGOGY / TEACHING OF ARTS Syllabus and Curriculum for B.Ed


Objectives and Importance of teaching of arts subject:

·        To develop an understanding of the place of Art in Education of the child.
·        To develop competencies and skills for the teaching of Art.
·        To develop an understanding and  insight  into  the  stages  of  ‘Art’ development in children at various age levels.
·        To develop  competencies  and  skills  of  the  methods  and  techniques,  in  teaching  of  ‘Art’ of different kinds.
·        To develop competencies in evaluating some products of Art.



·        Art and meaning of Visual Communication
·        Appreciation of Art
·        Art in Daily Life
·        Art in Education


·        Methods and the material of Art through the ages encaustic, oil, tempera, Fresco, etc.
·        Modern Art movements, Abstraction, Cubism, Expressionism Realism, Impressionism, Romanticism.


·        Methods of Teaching Art
·        Qualities of an Art Teacher and his role in Education
·        How to prepare lesson notes for Art classes?
·        How to prepare Art Syllabus for Art classes?
·        How to teach Still life, Designs, Nature-Study and Painting- Composition.
·        Classroom Decoration


·        Stages of development in Children’s Art
·        How to teach Art in Primary, Middle, High and Higher Secondary classes,  the  material  required, amount of time necessary and the size of the class?
·        Relation of Art and Craft with other School subjects and the importance of Art and Craft Exhibitions in Education.

Task and assignment: Any one of the following:

·        Landscape from memory: Simple composition in connection with common flowers, mountains, sky, huts, water, bridge, birds, animals and human figures in action  in  any medium on a quarter sheet of drawing paper.
·        Decoration designs: Pictorial composition in water or tempera.
·        Still Life Drawing and Painting of Group of two or three simple objects in any medium.
·        Poster: will include the writing of Block and  script  Letters  in  English/Hindi/Punjabi/Urdu with nibs or brush in ink or color.
·        Collage making
·        Presentation of Art-Work

Recommended Books for Pedagogy or teaching of arts:

·        Jeswani, K.K. Art in Education, Atma Ram & Sons Kashmiri Gate, Delhi-6
·        Road, H.       Education through Art, Faber and Faber London
·        Lowen Feld, V. Creative and mental Growth, Macmillan Co., New York
·        Jeswani K.K. Appreciation of Art, Atma Ram and Sons, Kashmiri Gate, Delhi-6.
·        Tolstoy What is Art? An essay on Art, Oxford University Press, New York.
·        Percy Brown Indian Paintings.
·        Ian Chilvers The Oxford Dictionary of Art.
·        Bhup Singh Gulia The Traditions  of  Northern  India  (A  study  of  Art,  Architecture  and  Craft in Haryana) Subhi Publications, City Centre, Gurgaon (HR).
·        Lois Fichner – Rathus - Understanding Art, Prentice-Hall International (U.K.) Ltd. London

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