Art and Craft PDF

Art and Craft PDF

This is the Art and Craft Sample Practical File of Drama and Arts in Education Subject for B.Ed Students. 
art and craft images and pics free download, drawing file

Table of Content:
  • Alphabets ( A to Z ) इंगिलश के अल्फाबेट्स 
  • Counting from ( 0-9)  से  तक गिनतियाँ 
  • Hindi vowels हिंदी के स्वर 
  • Hindi consonants हिंदी के व्यंजन 
  • 5 fruits कोई पांच फल 
  • 5 vegetables कोई पांच सब्जिया 
  • 5 birds कोई पांच पक्षी 
  • 5 flowers पांच फूल 
  • 5 animals पांच पशु 
  • Blow painting ब्लो पेटिंग 
  • Thread painting धागा पेंटिंग 
  • Natural painting प्राकृतिक दृश्य की सीनरी 
  • Teaching lessons 


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