What is the Full Form of ICT ?

What is the Full Form of ICT ?

Full Form of ICT

  • Full-Form: Information and Communication Technology
  • Meaning: ICT refers to all the forms of technologies which are used to create, store, share or transmit, and exchange information

What is ICT? - An Introduction

Well, The Full Form of ICT is Information and Communication Technology

ICT provides us those resources which we use in the form of computers, the internet, telephones and other broadcasting technologies which we use in our daily life. ICT is the technology that is required for information processing.

--> In short, the use of all electronic computers, laptops, mobile phones, communication devices, system and software applications which are used to store, convert, protect, and retrieve any kind of information from anywhere and anytime is only because of ICT.

As the names suggest the ICT tools are tools for storing information and communication technology. In short, we can say that the use of ICT is growing very fast these days.

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Meaning and Definition of ICT

It is an umbrella term that refers to the technological tools and resources that are used to handle network-based control and monitoring, telecommunications, audio-visual processing, and transmission systems, intelligent building management systems, broadcast media, and so on.

It includes any product that stores retrieve, and manages digital data like computers, mobile phones, and robots, etc.

We cannot define ICT in any particular way because of the methods and applications involved in ICT are evolving day by day.

ICT ( Information and communication technology ) has become a very basic need of modern society. Most of the business organizations use ICT in many ways, like

  • To increase productivity.
  • To bring customers,
  • To boost up their resources etc.

Here is the list of some more Full Forms of ICT

  • ICT: Information and Computer Technology
  • ICT: Information & Communications Technology
  • ICT: Intermittent cervical traction
  • ICT: Influence Coefficient Tests
  • ICT: Interface Control Tooling
  • ICT : Information & Communication Technologies

Exact Meaning and Full form of ICT

Information and communication technology or we can say ICT is often used as an extended synonym for IT ( Information technology) but is usually, a more general term which stresses the role of unified communications and integration of telecommunications, computers, and middleware as well as the necessary software, storage, and audiovisual systems, which enables the users to create, store, access, transmit and manipulate information.

ICT refers to all the forms of technologies which are used to create, store, share or transmit, and exchange information. ICT influenced technologies; such as radio, tv, video, DVD, Mobiles, telephones, computers, and network hardware and software; as well as the equipment and services associated with these technologies, such as videoconferencing and EMAILS.

Full Form of ICT in Hindi

ICT का हिंदी में फूल फॉर्म और अर्थ है - ( सूचना और संचार प्रौद्योगिकी ) 

Well, this is the short description, meaning, and  Full form ICT. I hope you all have now understood the Full form of ICT with Meaning.


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