What is Computer Output Devices and Describe various types of output devices – Learn Computer Basics Online Free

What is Computer Output Devices and Describe various types of output devices – Learn Computer Basics Online Free

Overview – meaning and concept of computer output unit, types and classification of computer output devices, meaning of monitor, printer, speaker, projector, plotter, sound card and video card

Computer Output Devices

Meaning and Definition of Output Unit:
Output Unit: In the world of computers, input/output (I/O) refers to the communication between a computer and the user. Input is the data sent to the system, whereas output is the data sent by the system to the outside world. Computer output devices are computer hardware equipment, that are used to communicate the results of data processing carried out by a computer to the user. There are a number of devices, which produce data in different forms, which includes audio, video or hard copy. Output device of computer are types of peripheral hardware connected, that is connected to the computer, either using cables or over a wireless network. Immaterial whether you have desktop computers, laptop computers, super computers, etc., you will require at least one computer output device.

Types/Classification of Output Devices:

An output given by the computer can be in the form of a display on the screen or a printed document or a song, that is played. Most of the computer output devices are common to home as well as office environments. Output is data that has been processed into a useful form called information.

·        Report
·        Computer Graphics
·        Audio Output
·        Video Output

Most output can be divided into 2 categories: Soft copy & hard copy.
·        Soft copy is what you see on the monitor. Soft copy is temporary.
·        Hard copy can be touched and carried. Hard copy is usually some form of paper output. 

Meaning of Computer Monitior: A monitor is also called as video display terminal (VDT). The visual display of the processed data, which the users can view is got through the monitor. Computer monitors come in a variety of screen sizes and not to forget visual resolutions. There are two types of computer monitors available, namely CRT and flat panel. 

Printer :
Meaning of Computer Printer: In computing, a printer is a peripheral which produces a text and/or graphics of documents stored in electronic form, usually on physical print media such as paper or transparencies. Many printers are primarily used as local peripherals, and are attached by a printer cable or, in most newer printers, a USB cable to a computer which serves as a document source. Some printers, commonly known as network printers, have built-in network interfaces, typically wireless and/or Ethernet based, and can serve as a hard copy device for any user on the network.

Types of printers:
·        Dot Matrix printer
·        Inkjet printer
·        Laser printer
·        Thermal printer
·        LED printer 

Speaker :
Meaning of Speaker: A speaker is a hardware device, that is connected to a computer’s sound card, which outputs sound generated by the card. Audio data generated by the computer is sent to the audio card, that is located in the expansion slot. The card translates the data into audio signals, which are then sent to either the speakers or headphones. In the initial phase, computers had on-board speakers, which generated series of different tones and beeps. When the popularity of multimedia and computer games grew, higher quality computer speakers came into the market. These new speakers were known for higher quality sound effects and music. 

Projector :
Meaning of Projector: It is a hardware device, with which an image like a computer screen is projected onto a flat screen. Image data is sent to the video card, by the computer which is then translated into a video image and sent to the projector. A projector is often used in meetings or to make presentations, because they allow for a large image to be shown, with which the display is available for a large audience. 

Plotter :
Meaning of Plotter: Plotters, like printers, create a hard copy rendition of a digitally rendered design. The design is sent to a plotter through a graphics card and the image is created using a pen. In simple words, plotters basically draw an image using a series of straight lines. This computer output device is used with engineering applications.                    

Sound card :-
Meaning of Sound Card: Also known as a sound board or an audio card, a sound card is an expansion card or integrated circuit that provides a computer with the ability to produce sound that can be heard by the user either over speakers or headphones. Below is an image of the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio sound card and an example of what a sound card may look like.
To the right is an example of what a generic sound card may look like from the back of your computer and the connector symbols usually found next to

each of the connections. With almost every sound card you'll have four connections: sound out or line out, sound in or line in, Microphone, and MIDI (Joystick). 

Video card :-
Meaning of Video Card: Alternatively referred to as a graphics card, video board, or a video controller, a video adapter is an internal circuit board that allows a display device such as a monitor to display images from the computer. Today's video cards are most commonly connected to the AGP, PCI, or PCIe expansion slot on the motherboard, however, can also be found on-board. In the picture above, is an example of the AGP video card and a basic example of what many video cards today resemble. As can be seen, this video card has three connections on the back, the standard VGA connector, S-Video connector, and the DVI connector. In this example, the card connects into the AGP slot on the computer motherboard. Video adapters are also called video cards, video boards, video display boards, graphics cards and graphics adapters. 

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