Types and Classification of Computer – Learn Computer Online Free

Types and Classification of Computer – Learn Computer Online Free

Overview – Types and Classification of Computer, meaning and concept of mini computers, meaning and concept of micro computer, meaning and concept of mainframe computer, meaning and concept of super computer

Types of Computer System:

Classification of computer: Modern computers are electronic and digital. These digital computers are broadly classified into the following four categories depending upon their performance, size and cost.

·        Microcomputers
·        Minicomputers
·        Mainframes
·        Super Computers

Micro computers :
What is Micro Computer:  These are low cost small size computers. These have been named as micro computers on account of their employing microprocessor. They represent a typically single-user systems, meaning that a microcomputer can be used by only one user at a time. The personal computers (PC) that you are using in your computer lab are microcomputers. These are named personal because they can be used by any person for his personal use.

Mini computers:
What is Mini Computer: Minicomputers perform better, are larger in size and cost more than microcomputers. They also possess larger storagecapacities and are faster in speed. Normally, they are designed to support more than one user at a time. That is why these may also be used as Server in LAN. Minicomputers, thus a multiuser computer, can support ten to hundreds of users simultaneously.

What is Mainframe Computer: Mainframe computers are more powerful and faster than minicomputers. They have a quite larger storage capacity and are able to support many hundreds of users simultaneously. Their real values lies in their processing power to handle large data base systems i.e. handling the records of thousands of employees working in a organization.

Super Computers:
What is Super Computer: Where microcomputers  lie at the lowest end of the computer range, the super computers stand at the highiest end of computer range. They are most powerful, fastest and most expensive machines and thus can be afforded only by the rare organization working on the national level. These computers have remarkable performance as billions of calculations may be performed by them in a second. Some of the arears in which super computers are being used may be mentioned as sophisticated scientific and biomedical researches, weather forecasting, designing of the sophisticated machines and warfare equipments etc.

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