Components of Computer Desktop - Meaning of Desktop, Icons, Files and Folders, Start menu and Taskbar and Mouse

Components of Computer Desktop - Meaning of Desktop, Icons, Files and Folders, Start menu and Taskbar and Mouse

A brief discussion about the different components on the computer desktop screen:

Meaning of Desktop - Desktop is the first screen that appears after booting. It is basically a folder that contains the link of the basic tools like a phone book, writing tools, drawing tools, etc that a real desktop contains.

Meaning of Icons - The small pictures on the desktop are called icons. Think of them as doorways to the files and programs stored on your computer. Place your mouse over an icon. Text appears identifying its name or contents. The first time you start Windows , you'll see only one icon—the Recycle Bin

what are Files and Folders? - Each piece of work, or file, can be stored in a folder. Folder icons generally look like a briefcase with yellow color. Shortcuts icons are identified by the small arrow on the lower left corner of the image. These let you access:
  1. Programs
  2. Files
  3. Folders
  4. Disk drives
  5. Web pages
  6. Printers
  7. Other computers 

Shortcut icons simply supply links to the programs or files they represent. You can add and delete them without affecting the actual programs or files

Meaning of Taskbar - By default Taskbar appears at the bottom of the screen. It contains the Start menu and notification area, where you'll see the clock. Other icons in the notification area can appear temporarily, showing the status of ongoing activities. For instance, the printer icon appears when you send a file to the printer, and disappears when printing is complete. You'll also be reminded in the notification area when new Windows updates are available to download from the Microsoft Web site.

Start Menu - The Start menu appeared automatically the first time you ran Windows. You can return to the Start menu anytime by clicking the Start button on the taskbar. The Start menu contains everything you need to begin using Windows. From it you can: 
  • Start programs
  • Open files
  • Customize your system with Control Panel
  • Get help by clicking Help and Support
  • Search for items on your computer or the Internet by clicking Search
  • And more!

After getting the above screen of course you will interact with your computer using different input devices. A computer’s most popular input devices are mouse and keyboard *We discussed all these devices previously]. Naturally to work with a computer you should be familiar with these input devices.Here we are covering some basic functions of mouse.

How to Interact with the Mouse (How to use Computer Mouse?)

Some basic mouse terms related to mouse  
  1. Click - To quickly press and release the primary mouse button (left button) to select a single item. If you press right button and release quickly instantly it is called right click.
  2. Double-click - To click the primary mouse button (left button) twice in rapid succession to carry out an action after the item is selected.
  3. Point - To move the mouse until the mouse pointer on the screen points to the item of -- choice.
  4. Drag - To press and hold down the primary mouse button (left button) while moving the mouse.
  5. Drag–and-Drop - Pointing the item of choice, press and hold down the primary mouse button while moving the mouse. Release the mouse button on reaching the desired location to place the item.

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