Mathematics Skill of Reinforcement Micro Lesson Plan

Mathematics Skill of Reinforcement Micro Lesson Plan

Mathematics Skill of Reinforcement Micro Teaching Lesson Plan For B.Ed/DELED Free Download PDF

Learning Micro-Teaching In B.Ed. Is Very Important. Almost In Every B.Ed. Colleges Micro-Teaching Is Practiced.

To Practice, You Have To Make A Micro Lesson Plan For The Given Skill. Making A Lesson Plan Needs Depth Knowledge Of The Skills And Their Components.

So, Here Is The Model Mathematics Micro Teaching Lesson Plan For The Skill of Reinforcement In English On Triangle Types and Its Properties Topic.

Mathematics Skill of Reinforcement Micro Teaching Lesson Plan For B.Ed/DELED Free Download PDF | Skill of Reinforcement in Math Micro Lesson Plan | maths lesson plan on Reinforcement Skill of microteaching

Micro Teaching Lesson Plan On Reinforcement Skill For Maths Teaching On Types of Triangle and Its Properties For Class 6th to 8th

Subject: Mathematics

Topic:  Triangle - Types And Its Properties

Class: 7th 8th

Teacher Name:


Duration/Time: 6 To 10 Minutes

Skill:  Reinforcement Skill


Teaching Points

Teacher Activity

Students Activity

Component Of The Skill


The Teacher Will Enter Into The Classroom With A Cheerful Facial Expression And Wish The Pupils.


Then The Teacher Will Write The Topic On The Blackboard As


“Triangle – Its Types And Properties”.


Then The Teacher Will Say That, We Have Learnt About The Different Types Of Triangle And Their Properties. Thus, We Shall Test The Knowledge And Understanding That We Have Acquired Through The Topic.

Students Will Greet Back To The Teacher And Note Down The Topic On Their Notebook.


Thereafter The Teacher Will Ask The Following Questions;



Question 1 – What Is Triangle?

(The Teacher Will Say, “Right”, “Good”, “Excellent”, And Give A Smile Positively.)



Question 2 – What Are The Various Types Of Triangle On The Basis Of Their Sides?


(The Teacher Will Step Forward And Pay Attention To Listen to The Answer And Will Give Some Extra Verbal Cues Like “Hmm”, “Uhh”, Etc)



Question 3 – What Are The Six Elements Of A Triangle?


(The Teacher Will Go And Stand Nearby The Students And Give A Touch To The Student.)



Question 4 – State Angle Sum Property Of A Triangle.

(The Teacher Will Write The Answer Of Pupils In The Blackboard.)



Question 5 – Two Angles Of A Triangle Are 60 Degree And 70 Degree. What Is The Measure Of The Third Angle?


(The Teacher Will Ask The Pupils To Write The Answer For 3 Marks In Their Notebooks. Then The Teacher Will Check The Answer Of Any Student And Give Marks And Say “Good”, Very Good, Etc.

Also, He Will Asks The Rest Students To Submit After The Class.)

Pupils Are Expected To Answer As Follows:



1.  A Plane Figure With Three Straight Sides And Three Angles.



2.  Scalene, Isosceles And Equilateral Triangle.







3.  Three Sides And Three Angles.








4.  The Sum Of The Angles Of A Triangle Is 180 Degree.




Let The Angle Be X.


60° + 70° + X = 180°

=> 130° + X = 180°

=> X = 50°

Hence, The Third Angle Is 50°




Positive Verbal Reinforcement + Positive Non-Verbal Reinforcement



Extra Verbal Cues  + Non-Verbal Cues








Proximity Reinforcement + Contact Reinforcement








Writing Students Answer On The BlackBoard.






Token Reinforcement


The Teacher Will Appreciate The Learner For Their Attentive And Cooperative Behaviour.

Then The Teacher Will Rub The Blackboard Before Leaving The Classroom.

The Pupils Will Listen Attentively To The Teacher And Will Give The Thanks To The Teacher.



The Following Micro Lesson Plan In Mathematics For B.Ed Is On The Topic “Types of Triangle”? You, Will, Get A Basic Idea Of How To Make A Lesson Plan For Maths On Reinforcement Skill.

Also, You Can Use Our Ready-Made Micro Teaching Lesson Plan Of Math To Practice Micro-Teaching In Your B.Ed. College.

Please Note That This Is The Sample Microteaching Lesson Plan On The Skill of Reinforcement In Mathematics.

So, I Suggest You Compare This Lesson Plan Format With The Format Provided By Your Institution. There Might Be A Slight Difference Between Them.

Further Reference: Mathematics Lesson Plan for B.Ed


B.Ed. Micro Teaching Lesson Plan On Skill of Reinforcement Components For Mathematics

There Are 10 Major Microteaching Skills Practiced In Teacher Training Institutions. But Here We Have Learned “How To Make The Skill of Reinforcement Lesson Plans In Math”.

For Other Skills Please Refer To Our B.Ed. Lesson Plan Category.

This Micro Lesson Plan On The Skill of Reinforcement Is For The Teaching Of Mathematics Or Pedagogy Of Math For B.Ed And DELED.

Before Making Any Lesson Plan On Any Skill You Should Also Know The Component Of That Particular Skill.

So, Let’s See The Components Of The Skills Of Reinforcement Skill.

Components Of The Skill of Reinforcement In Math Microteaching

There Are Ten Components In The Skill Of Reinforcement In Micro-Teaching. These Are:

  1. Positive verbal Reinforcement
  2. Extra verbal cues
  3. Non-verbal cues
  4. Writing pupils’ answer on the blackboard
  5. Proximity Reinforcement
  6. Contact Reinforcement
  7. Token Reinforcement
  8. Negative verbal reinforcement
  9. Negative Non-verbal Reinforcement
  10. No reinforcement

Read More About Reinforcement Skill

Remember That Only Mentioning These Components In Your Micro-Teaching Lesson Plan Of Mathematics On The Skill Of Reinforcement Is Not Enough.

You, Will, Need To Perform Micro-Teaching Keeping These Components In Mind. 


Mathematics Lesson Plan For B.Ed On Reinforcement Skill Skill Pdf

Skill of Reinforcement In Math

Skill of Reinforcement In Maths Lesson Plan

B.Ed Lesson Plan For Mathematics On Skill of Reinforcement Pdf Download Free

Reinforcement Skill and Skill of Reinforcement Sample and Model Lesson Plan for Math in English for B.Ed

Reinforcement Skill Micro Teaching Math Lesson Plan on Triangle for Class 7 in English Medium

Mathematics Micro Teaching Lesson Plan for Class 6

Mathematics Micro Teaching Lesson Plan for Class 7th on Types of Triangle

Reinforcement Skill Lesson Plan in Mathematics

Types of Triangle Lesson Plan

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