Mathematics Skill of Introducing a Lesson Micro Lesson Plan

Mathematics Skill of Introducing a Lesson Micro Lesson Plan

Micro Teaching Skill Of Introducing a Lesson Math Lesson Plan For B.Ed/DELED Free Download PDF

Learning Micro-Teaching In B.Ed. Is Very Important. Almost In Every B.Ed. Colleges Micro-Teaching Is Practiced.

To Practice, You Have To Make A Micro Lesson Plan For The Given Skill. Making A Lesson Plan Needs Depth Knowledge Of The Skills And Their Components.

So, Here Is The Model Mathematics Micro Teaching Lesson Plan For The Skill Of Introducing a Lesson In English On Representation of Three Dimensional Figure Topic.

Mathematics Skill Of Introducing Lesson Micro Teaching Lesson Plan For B.Ed/DELED Free Download PDF | Skill of Introduction in Mathematics and Math Micro Lesson Plan | Math lesson plan on introduction skill of microteaching

Micro Teaching Lesson Plan On Introduction Skill For General Maths Teaching On Representation of Three-Dimensional Figure For Class 6th To 8th

Subject: Math

Topic: Representation of Three-Dimensional Figure

Class: 6th 7th 8th

Teacher Name:


Duration/Time: 6 To 10 Minutes

Skill: Introduction Skill

Teaching Aids:

  • General Teaching Aid: Black Board, Chalk, Duster, Pointer
  • Specific Teaching Aid: Some Solid Shaped Object, A Picture

Teaching Points

Teacher Activity

Students Activity

Components Of The Skill


Entering The Classroom, The Teacher Will Welcome The Students And Rearrange Them If Necessary.

The Teacher Will Keep Properly The Teaching Aids On The Table.

In Order To Introduce The Day’s Lesson, The Teacher Will Ask The Students The Following Questions.

How Are You, Students?

The Students Will Welcome The Teacher

The Students Will Answer –

We Are Fine, Thank You


The Teacher Will Then Say “Before Going To Learn About Today’s Lesson, I Want To Discuss Something With You.”

Then The Teacher Will Ask:

In Our Daily Life, We See Objects Which Have Different Shapes.

  • Do You Know What Does The Shape Of Book Generally Called?
  • Tell Me The Name Of Three More Shapes?

The Teacher Will Show Some Boxes And Flat Objects And Tell Them To Observe Carefully.

After That The Teacher Will Ask:

1. Have You Ever Seen These Objects Anywhere?

2. How Many Sides Are There In A Circle?

3. Now Tell Me, How Many Sides Are There In This Matchbox?

4. As You Can See Based On The Sides, These Two Objects Are Different. Can You Tell Me The Common Name Of Matchbox Like Figure?

After That, The Teacher Will Ask

“Can You Tell Me What Are The Difference Between Rectangle And A Matchbox Based On Their Shape?

The Students Will Listen And Observe Attentively And Will Be Expected To Another As Follows.

Yes, Rectangular

1. Triangle

2. Square

3. Circle

The Students Will Observe Carefully.



Six Sides

The Students Will Try To Give Answer

The Students Will Remain Silent.

Preliminary Attention Gaining.

Use Of Previous Knowledge.

Use Of Appropriate Teaching Aids.

Explicit Link With The Content


The Teacher Will Then Say That We Cannot Draw A Solid Figure Like Matchbox On A Paper Unlike We Draw A Rectangle.

So, Today We Shall Learn About “Three Dimensional Figure”.

The Teacher Will Write The Name Of The Topic On The Black Board And Ask The Students To Note it Down On Their Exercise Book.

The Students Will Start Writing

Further Reference: Mathematics Lesson Plan for B.Ed


The Following Micro Lesson Plan In Math For B.Ed Is On The Topic “Representation of Three Dimensional Figure”? You, Will, Get A Basic Idea Of How To Make A Lesson Plan For Maths On Introduction Skill.

Also, You Can Use Our Ready-Made Micro Teaching Lesson Plan Of General Mathematics To Practice Micro-Teaching In Your B.Ed. College.

Please Note That This Is The Sample Microteaching Lesson Plan On The Skill Of Introduction In Math.

So, I Suggest You Compare This Lesson Plan Format With The Format Provided By Your Institution. There Might Be A Slight Difference Between Them.


B.Ed. Micro Teaching Lesson Plan On Skill Of Introducing Lesson Components For Mathematics Teaching

There Are 10 Major Microteaching Skills Practiced In Teacher Training Institutions. But Here We Have Learned “How To Make The Skill Of Introduction Lesson Plans In Math”.

For Other Skills Please Refer To Our B.Ed. Lesson Plan Category.

This Micro Lesson Plan On The Skill Of Introducing a Lesson Is For The Teaching Of General Maths Or Pedagogy Of Mathematics For B.Ed And DELED.

Before Making Any Lesson Plan On Any Skill You Should Also Know The Component Of That Particular Skill.

So, Let’s See The Components Of The Skills Of Introducing a Lesson.

Components Of The Skill Of Introducing A Lesson In Math Microteaching

There Are Four Components In The Skill Of Introducing A Lesson In Micro-Teaching. These Are:

  1. Preliminary Attention Gaining
  2. Use Of Relevant Previous Knowledge
  3. Use Of An Appropriate Device
  4. Explicit Link With Content

Remember That You Have To Understand The Meaning Of Each Component Of The Skill Properly To Use Them In Your Lesson Plan.

I Hope This Micro-Teaching Lesson Plan Of Mathematics On Skill Of Introducing A Lesson Will Help You To Learn The Use Of Components In The Proper Place.


Mathematics Lesson Plan For B.Ed In English Medium On Introduction Skill Pdf

Skill Of Introducing A Lesson In Mathematics

B.Ed Lesson Plan For Math On Introduction Skill / Set Induction Skill Pdf Download Free

skill of introducing a lesson maths micro teaching lesson plan

Skill Of Introducing A Lesson Maths Micro-Teaching Lesson Plan

Representation of Three Dimensional Figure Lesson Plan for math

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