Mathematics Skill of Explaining Micro Lesson Plan

Mathematics Skill of Explaining Micro Lesson Plan

Mathematics Skill Of Explaining Micro Teaching Lesson Plan For B.Ed/DELED Free Download PDF | Skill of Explanation in Math

Mathematics Skill Of Explaining Micro Teaching Lesson Plan For B.Ed/DELED Free Download PDF

Learning Micro-Teaching In B.Ed. Is Very Important. Almost In Every B.Ed. Colleges Micro-Teaching Is Practiced.

To Practice, You Have To Make A Micro Lesson Plan For The Given Skill. Making A Lesson Plan Needs Depth Knowledge Of The Skills And Their Components.

So, Here Is The Model Mathematics Micro Teaching Lesson Plan For The Skill Of Explaining In English On Cyclic Quadrilateral Topic.

Micro Teaching Lesson Plan On Explaining For Maths Teaching On Cyclic Quadrilateral For Class 9th -  10th 

Subject: Mathematics

Topic:  Cyclic Quadrilateral

Class: 9th And 10th

Teacher Name:


Duration/Time: 6 To 10 Minutes

Skill: Explanation Skill


Teaching Points

Teacher Activity

Students Activity

Component Of The Skill


After Welcoming The Student’s Teacher Will Say That By Comparing The Properties, We Can Say All Rectangles Are Parallelogram But All Parallelogram Is Not Rectangle.



He/She Will Continue, “A Cyclic Parallelogram Is A Rectangle.”


The Students Will Listen Attentively And Try To Grasp.

Initial Statement


 He/She Will Pause For A While And Continues.



“Let Us Draw A Cyclic Parallelogram ABCD (Figure1) With Interior Angles ∠1, ∠2, ∠3 And ∠4









As We Know, The Sum Of Opposite Angles Of A Cyclic Quadrilateral Is 180 Degree. Therefore,



∠1 + ∠3 = 180 °,


Also, ABCD Is A Parallelogram. Consequently, AB=CD And AD=BC, Because Opposite Sides Of A Parallelogram Are Equal. Also, ∠1 = ∠3, And ∠2 = ∠4, Because Opposite Angles Of A Parallelogram Are Equal.




















Similarly, We Can Find That ∠3 = 90 Degree And ∠4= 90 Degree



Above We Have Seen That Each Angle Of The Cyclic Quadrilateral ABCD Is 90 Degrees.



The Teacher Will Ask The Following Questions To Test The Students Understanding.



1.     Tell One Property Of Cyclic Quadrilateral.

2.     A Cyclic Rectangle Is Always A Parallelogram. Why?




From The Above, We Can Say That The Cyclic Parallelogram

 ABCD Posses All The Properties Of A Rectangle I.E. Opposite Sides Are Equal And Each Interior Angle 90 Degree.



There Fore, A Cyclic Parallelogram Is A Rectangle.





The Students Will Listen Attentively And Draw The Diagram On Their Blackboard































The Students Will Note Down The Calculation.














































The Students Will Answer The Questions.












Interpreting Students’ Cues, Maintaining Brevity.










Explaining Links Used










Continuity And Fluency














Explaining Skills Used



































Use Of Explaining Skills.















Testing Students Understanding












Concluding Statement


The Teacher Will Thank Students For Their Attentive And Cooperative Behaviour And Rub The Black Board Before Leaving The Class.

The Students Will Listen Attentively.


Further Reference: Mathematics Lesson Plan for B.Ed


The Following Micro Lesson Plan In Mathematics For B.Ed Is On The Topic “ Cyclic Quadrilateral”? You, Will, Get A Basic Idea Of How To Make A Lesson Plan For Maths On Explanation Skill.

Also, You Can Use Our Ready-Made Micro Teaching Lesson Plan Of Math To Practice Micro-Teaching In Your B.Ed. College.

Please Note That This Is The Sample Microteaching Lesson Plan On The Skill Of Explaining In Mathematics.

So, I Suggest You Compare This Lesson Plan Format With The Format Provided By Your Institution. There Might Be A Slight Difference Between Them.


B.Ed. Micro Teaching Lesson Plan On Skill Of Explaining Components For Mathematics

There Are 10 Major Microteaching Skills Practiced In Teacher Training Institutions. But Here We Have Learned “How To Make The Skill Of Explaining Lesson Plans In Math”.

For Other Skills Please Refer To Our B.Ed. Lesson Plan Category.

This Micro Lesson Plan On The Skill Of Explanation Is For The Teaching Of Mathematics Or Pedagogy Of Math For B.Ed And DELED.

Before Making Any Lesson Plan On Any Skill You Should Also Know The Component Of That Particular Skill.

So, Let’s See The Components Of The Skills Of Explaining.

Components Of The Skill Of Explaining In Math Microteaching

There Are Eight Components In The Skill Of Explanation In Micro-Teaching. These Are:

  1. Initial Statement
  2. Using explaining link
  3. Brevity
  4. Interpreting pupil’s cues, verbal, non-verbal
  5. Use of illustration examples, analysis
  6. Continuity
  7. Fluency
  8. Concluding statement 

Remember That You Have To Mention Each And Every Component In Your Math Micro Lesson Plan For The Skill Of Explaining. 

You Have To Perform Micro-Teaching In Your Teacher Training Institutions Keeping These Components In Mind.


Mathematics Lesson Plan For B.Ed On Explaining Skill Pdf

Skill Of Explanation In Math

Skill Of Explaining In Maths Lesson Plan

B.Ed Lesson Plan For Mathematics On Skill Of Explaining Pdf Download Free

Explaining Skill Sample and Model Lesson Plan for Math in English for B.Ed

Microteaching Math Lesson Plan on Cyclic Quadrilateral

Mathematics Class 9 micro lesson plan for b.ed in English medium

Cyclic quadrilateral lesson plan

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