Mathematics Skill of Demonstration Micro Lesson Plan

Mathematics Skill of Demonstration Micro Lesson Plan

Mathematics Skill of Demonstration Micro Teaching Lesson Plan For B.Ed/DELED Free Download PDF | Skill of Demonstration in Math Micro Lesson Plan | maths lesson plan on Demonstration Skill Skill of microteaching

Mathematics Skill of Demonstration Micro Teaching Lesson Plan For B.Ed/DELED Free Download PDF

Learning Micro-Teaching In B.Ed. Is Very Important. Almost In Every B.Ed. Colleges Micro-Teaching Is Practiced.

To Practice, You Have To Make A Micro Lesson Plan For The Given Skill. Making A Lesson Plan Needs Depth Knowledge Of The Skills And Their Components.

So, Here Is The Model Mathematics Micro Teaching Lesson Plan For The Skill of Demonstration In English On SAS Congruence Rule Topic.

Micro Teaching Lesson Plan On Demonstration Skill For Maths Teaching On SAS Congruence Rule For Class 9th

Subject: Mathematics

Topic: SAS Congruence Rule

Class: 9th

Teacher Name:


Duration/Time: 6 To 10 Minutes

Skill: Demonstration Skill

Teaching Point:

If Any Two Sides Of A Triangle Are Included With The Angle Between Them, And Respectively Is Equal To Corresponding Sides And The Angle Between Them, Then These Two Triangles Are Said To Be Congruent With SAS Congruence Rule.

Teaching Aids:

  • General Aids: Chalk, Blackboard, Duster, Pointer
  • Special Aids: Scissors, Colour Paper, Pre-Made Triangle.

Teaching Points

Teacher Activity

Students Activity

Component Of The Skill


The Teacher Will Welcome The Students And Place The Teaching Aids Respectively. She Will Then Tell Pupils,


“Today I Will Show You A Very Interesting Demonstration To Make Understanding Better.”


Showing Two Different Triangles Which Are Of Different Coloured, The Teacher Will Ask The Pupils, “Are These Two Triangles Are Congruent?”

The Pupils Will Respond And Be Attentive.


The Pupils May Give Mixed Answers:


“Yes, These Two Triangles Are Congruent”.


“No, Not Congruent.”

Creation Of An Approach Situation.



Pupils Involvement.


He/She Will Say – “Lets Check The Congruency Of These Two Triangles, “And The Teacher Will Overlap Those Triangles On Each Other And Ask The Pupils:


1. What Do You Observe?



2. Why Do These Triangles Are Congruent?




Then He/She Will Invite A Student To Come And Help Him/Her.

She Will Ask The Pupils To Cut Two Triangles That She Already Drawn On The Paper In Which Two Pair Of Sides And One Pair Of Angles Are Equal.

She Will Ask Other Pupils To Observe Minutely.



She Will Then Ask The Pupils: “ Are These Two New Triangles Are Congruent?”



She Will Ask The Pupils To Observe The Triangles Attentively And Ask:


1. What Are Common Things Between These Triangles.





Then She Will Overlap These Two New Triangles And Ask Them.


1. What Do You Observe Now?


2 Are They Said To Be Congruent?



3 Can You Find A Relationship Between Sides And Angles Of Two Triangles To Check Their Congruency?


They Will Answer As Follows:


“These Two Triangles Are Congruent”



“Because These Two Triangles Have The Same Shape And Dimensions.”



The Pupils Will Help The Teacher In Cutting Out The Triangles And The Other Pupils Observe.






They Are Expected To Give Mixed Answer: “Yes”, “No”.




They Are Expected To Answer As Follows:


1. Two Pair Of Sides Are Equals And One Pair Of Angles Are Common.




They Are Expected To Answer As Follows:


1. They Cover Each Other.


2. Yes, They Are Said To Be Congruent.


3. The Pupils Will Try To Relate Between The Sides And Angles Of The Triangles –


Two Triangles Having Equal Two Pair Of Sides And One Pair Of Angles Are Congruent.

Heuristic Approach









Pupils Involvement







Heuristic Approach












Heuristic Approach






Adequacy Of Manipulative Skill


After The Rule Being Generalized By The Pupils, The Teacher Will Be Organized It And Write It On The Black Board As Follows:


“If Two Sides And The Included Angle Of One Triangle Is Respectively Equal To The Corresponding Two Sides And The Included Of The Other, Then The Triangles Are Congruent. (SAS Congruence Rule)”

The Pupils Will Note Down The Generalized Point From The Black Board



The Following Micro Lesson Plan In Mathematics For B.Ed Is On The Topic “SAS Congruence Rule”? You, Will, Get A Basic Idea Of How To Make A Lesson Plan For Maths On Demonstration Skill.

Also, You Can Use Our Ready-Made Micro Teaching Lesson Plan Of Math To Practice Micro-Teaching In Your B.Ed. College.

Please Note That This Is The Sample Microteaching Lesson Plan On The Skill of Demonstration In Mathematics.

So, I Suggest You Compare This Lesson Plan Format With The Format Provided By Your Institution. There Might Be A Slight Difference Between Them.

Further Reference: Mathematics Lesson Plan for B.Ed


B.Ed. Micro Teaching Lesson Plan On Skill of Demonstration Components For Mathematics

There Are 10 Major Microteaching Skills Practiced In Teacher Training Institutions. But Here We Have Learned “How To Make The Skill of Demonstration Lesson Plans In Math”.

For Other Skills Please Refer To Our B.Ed. Lesson Plan Category.

This Micro Lesson Plan On The Skill of Demonstration Is For The Teaching Of Mathematics Or Pedagogy Of Math For B.Ed And DELED.

Before Making Any Lesson Plan On Any Skill You Should Also Know The Component Of That Particular Skill.

So, Let’s See The Components Of The Skills Of Demonstration Skill.

Components Of The Skill of Demonstration In Math Microteaching

There Are Seven Components In The Skill of Demonstration In Micro-Teaching. These Are:

  1. Relevant to Topic, Concept, Idea, and Teaching Point
  2. Creation of Appropriate Situation
  3. Adequacy of Manipulative Skills
  4. Appropriateness
  5. Pupils Involvement
  6. Generalization
  7. Approach 

Read More About Demonstration Skill

Remember That Only Mentioning These Components In Your Micro-Teaching Lesson Plan Of Mathematics On The Skill Of Demonstration Is Not Enough.

You, Will, Need To Perform Micro-Teaching Keeping These Components In Mind. 

Steps of Making Maths Micro Lesson Plan for Demonstration 

To make a micro-teaching lesson plan for this skill of Demonstration, you will need to follow these steps. 

At first, choose a good topic that can be explained by demonstration. All topics cannot be demonstrated. You have to keep that in mind. Here we choose the “SAS congruence rule” for the mathematics demonstration in micro-teaching. 

You have to follow these steps for a proper maths micro lesson plan for the skill of demonstration: 

  • Identification of Data (Topic, Class, Subject, Teacher name, Time, Date)
  • Write the teaching point (your topic)
  • Write teaching Aids. (general teaching aids and specific teaching aids)
  • Make a table with four-column and write steps, teacher’s activities, pupils’ activities, and components of the skill.
  • In the ‘steps’ sections write Introduction, Development, and Conclusion. 

For better understanding please refer to our sample micro lesson plan for the skill of demonstration in mathematics provided above.


Mathematics Lesson Plan For B.Ed On Demonstration Skill Skill Pdf

Skill of Demonstration In Math

Skill of Demonstration In Maths Lesson Plan

B.Ed Lesson Plan For Mathematics On Skill of Demonstration Pdf Download Free

Demonstration Skill and Skill of Demonstration Sample and Model Lesson Plan for Math in English for B.Ed

Demonstration Skill Micro Teaching Math Lesson Plan on SAS Congruence Rule for Class 9 in English Medium

Mathematics Micro Teaching Lesson Plan for Class 9

Mathematics Micro Teaching Lesson Plan for Class 9th on SAS Congruence Rule

Demonstration Skill Lesson Plan in Mathematics

SAS Congruence Rule Lesson Plan

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